Forum Caption Contest! Give us you best one liner!

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Hey Everyone!
Since the anniversary is behind us, I thought since we’ve all grown just a bit closer together to have a little fun this weekend!
We’re giving you guys a little contest of sorts! So doff your creativity hats and think of your best one liner to go with this photo!

The contest begins right now and will run all through the weekend. On Monday 7/18 at 10am PDT we will close this thread and select the FIVE best captions!
Those lucky five will receive a Splendor of Ice and Fire Giftpack!

Good Luck Everyone!



  • vooreeka
    vooreeka Posts: 6 Arc User
    Malaria: the number one cause of death in dragons.
  • piggyshoku
    piggyshoku Posts: 12 Arc User
    The beginning of Jurassic Park: Dragons
  • kuukami
    kuukami Posts: 166 Arc User
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    Guy on left: Soooo.... I guess we should take your ride to the restaurant.
  • isfolket80
    isfolket80 Posts: 222 Arc User
    Dragons breath : Eeek time to hopp away!
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  • nihilivox
    nihilivox Posts: 10 Arc User
    Does this Cricket make my Dragon's butt look big?
  • senrin
    senrin Posts: 824 Arc User
    Weight contest ongoing: no bets allowed!
  • gamerking99
    gamerking99 Posts: 25 Arc User
    "Size doesn't matter, but bites do"
  • unusualsuspect1
    unusualsuspect1 Posts: 694 Arc User
    Dragon Rider: "What's your mount supposed to represent? Disappointment?"
  • mekteh
    mekteh Posts: 82 Arc User
    Stone dragon making a nice crisppy grasshopper
  • banker7
    banker7 Posts: 35 Arc User
    Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
  • devifae22
    devifae22 Posts: 44 Arc User
    Cuz I'm so smart like that....
  • drunkbastard
    drunkbastard Posts: 90 Arc User
    Cricket Rider: It's not the size of YOUR mount, its how YOU used it! ;)
  • sailyonera
    sailyonera Posts: 39 Arc User
    dragon (or its rider): "First and last blind date ever"
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  • gio#4911
    gio#4911 Posts: 790 Arc User
    Non cser vs Cser Fight!

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  • stoasberger
    stoasberger Posts: 8 Arc User
    Looking into a terrific's beast eyes: The Bee
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  • gadda1
    gadda1 Posts: 45 Arc User
    Patrol Guard(below on ground) : F**k i too need a mount.
  • gadda1
    gadda1 Posts: 45 Arc User
    Clockwork orb vs 5th Anniversary orb
  • gadda1
    gadda1 Posts: 45 Arc User
    Lol is that a horn or something on that cricket mount
  • spicata
    spicata Posts: 4 Arc User
    mushu & cri-kee
  • isock#6686
    isock#6686 Posts: 121 Arc User
    "well, at least i don't struggle to park my locust"
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  • j3llybean06
    j3llybean06 Posts: 5 Arc User
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    "Who said size matters!"
  • mrjuu
    mrjuu Posts: 134 Arc User
    like moths to a flame...
  • leigh70
    leigh70 Posts: 80 Arc User
    Dragon: Mmmm.... tasty!!
  • migitbo
    migitbo Posts: 2 Arc User
    One Dragon to rule them all!!
  • haffnium
    haffnium Posts: 10 Arc User
    Breakfast and toothpick in one, porrrrrrfect service.
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  • blythin66
    blythin66 Posts: 4 Arc User
    Male "I'll be back!!"
  • pinkette1#7450
    pinkette1#7450 Posts: 344 Arc User
    guys on the left : "please fix arena" guys on the right "hmmm what? ahhhh yeah yeah soon"
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  • kalabungala
    kalabungala Posts: 122 Arc User
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