Question about your guild AH and EB

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Hi there, so I have a guild with a guild AH and 4 slots. Its been months now and have never got an EB to pop. My question is, is there a single big/main guild out there that has never gotten EB in guild AH ? Makes me wonder about possible hidden requirments.. (o.o)


  • satsausaga
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    Also is there a 7 day requirement to bid on items?
  • keakua808
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    yes on the 7 day requirement. but idk anything about hidden requirments to get zodiacs in AH. so far my guild has gotten it twice. I think its just random luck.
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  • viiix
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    I'm not sure if activity has anything to do with it, but my guild has gotten EB quite a few times (at least 4, but could be more). We opened all 4 slots on the...I want to say second week, but tbh I can't remember exactly, sorry. The other big guild on my server (Storm) also had quite a few EBs, though I'm not sure of the exact number.
  • armenthys#4925
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    In my guild in Lionheart I've seen EB Lv90 about 3 times.
  • dinono
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    My guilds gotten 2 EB's at once. And even my Alt guild with only one slot has gotten an EB.
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