Pet Evolution

kkatt1 Posts: 7 Arc User
Has anyone run into not being able to a pet using ribbons? Per The hicks instuctions, i did as was asked per every error message i got. This is not my first either, i have evolved a maga lord, mag, and several others. Hoever this time gave me multi error messages, as i went, and met conditions of last one. Hicks States a LEVEL 90 PET. I GOT THIS MESSAGE SEVERAL TIMES, SO I RE-LEVELED TO 90 WITH PET ESS. It still states wrong level. So, i have ten flying grass that cost 10D to convert n bind, but yet to know what the bug or issue is, so they are worthless. anyone know how to work this now?


  • edira
    edira Posts: 479 Arc User
    It doesn't mean pet level, but pet strenght... leveling your pet to 90 wont help.​​
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  • kkatt1
    kkatt1 Posts: 7 Arc User
    i understand that, but not what it states at hicks
    Before u spend 10D, for an item that doesnt work, and BINDS, there need to be clear instuctions, i have made a lvl 80 strength pet purple, so i see a flaw there
  • kamakatt
    kamakatt Posts: 10 Arc User
    i would like more info