Can't Log in.

dotenes Posts: 1 Arc User
I used to play the game fore some days now, and today i just can't get in the server. My account is logged on and all are ok, but when i choose my server it does nothing.. tried many times, closed the game many times but still can't log in.. Please help, thanks :)


  • o0omessyo0o
    o0omessyo0o Posts: 31 Arc User
    I you dont read the forum the whole servers are down for maintence for 5hrs from 11pdt time
  • apostolis#8102
    apostolis#8102 Posts: 7 Arc User
    where i can see that o0omessyo0o?
  • skylii
    skylii Posts: 33 Arc User
    Under "General Discussions"

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  • apostolis#8102
    apostolis#8102 Posts: 7 Arc User
    thnx u skylii :) and u know what time is open the server? here in my country is 15:15 time