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Could some pls Help Proof of power (junior)

pianocookpianocook Posts: 2 Arc User
I have gotten the book called Proof of Power (Junior) and it states that to send it together with certificate of Junior Strength to Medium Camp Trainer to exchange for the upgrade Junior Weapon.

I also have a scroll that is called Camp Entry Certificate it also states to send it together with certificate of strength junior to medium camp trainer for the upgrade item which can upgrade Lv20 camp weapon to Lv 40

these two Items were rewards from the rising in the ranks main quest line part after talking to henry. am i missing something or just confused someone please help me.


  • senrinsenrin Posts: 824 Arc User
    Well, I just think you need to go to the Medium Camp Trainer maybe?
  • pianocookpianocook Posts: 2 Arc User
    And where is the trainer located because I have no clue.
  • senrinsenrin Posts: 824 Arc User
    T --> Solo --> Medium LH Camp IIrc
  • donanibal#4725 donanibal Posts: 1 New User
    i just had a problem with this quest. I went to the medium camp and i gave the armorer both items to complete his quest, and my weapon was still lvl 20. I dequipped it and equipped it again but it was still lvl 20. It also shows in its description that it can be upgraded, what happened?
  • stackettesstackettes Posts: 25 Arc User
    go back to lev 20 lionheart get the wepon from your race class npc then id it with scroll of sages then upgrade it at the black smith inside the instance to level 6 ie 2 gem slots after this go to medium lionheart lev 40 at blacksmith go to identification and put wepon into slot then it should say prieview then confirm

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