Goodbye FW

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I want to say this isn't a prank nor a joke. I have officially decided to quit forsaken world and any game that has PWE involved with it. no pun intended.

FW doesn't fit my needs anymore and i need a change were FW wont and refuses to do.
shout out to friends BB / Joker / Eric/marjumia/ momochulu/ ocea/ vulk / hadescaller/ umbrasenior / nahani / Jasmine/ chefi / Anput/ Luv_angel / ZabiX / Amantine/ conterK /Bladez/ ToCon / Conovor /Crit/ Themass / Alaria /FayeFaye/solidstep/searinox/lunaray and many more for being amazing friends.

Ty Envy for the 2 amazing years i had with you and everything you have done for me. It was a hard decision but it has came down to me to perm. quit FW. I will always have our memories <3

Feel free to come on our TS if you have it ,if u don't have the TS then you arnt special enough :blush:

-onto better things
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  • morsaeterna
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    Another one bites the dust, again.
  • bloodreaperfw
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    So many has left already, this happens when you alienate the casuals and non-cser playerbase, pretty certain the only people left playing are the super hardcore farmers and cashers.

    Some of my friends left when PWE decided to put a 30 minute requirement in the log in events, they're really making it harder for non-csers, it's all bout Pay2Win now.
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  • bardiie
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    Come back when you get the itch.

  • utahalt
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    Good luck for your new adventures! I am still stuck here because new games do not have bot system ;(
  • conterkiller
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    dammnn.. D:
    i guess we'll talk in that other game more often now.. xD

    like u said.. at least u get to keep the good memories.. thats what matters most in the end

  • amarantos
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    I'll miss giving you herps :( but glad you have the strength to do what I can't in giving up fw. hope you have more fun wherever you move onto!
  • negemaa
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    I'll see you around my friend, take care and be good and take care of yourself. i'll remember our memories and the fun times.
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  • nessaessaa
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    I basically only hop on to help my friends/guildies. Otherwise, my time is spent on another game that just came out, and i can say, its pretty epic. Its a LOT less drama and stress which is soooo nice. ;)

    Though I'll miss hopping on and chatting with you :c

  • navarne
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    I'm still looking for the pun
  • senrin
    senrin Posts: 824 Arc User
    I'm always sad when someone leaves...

    The BIG FW family is getting smaller day by day...

    Tiny FW family now alr!! QQ

    On topic: have fun and see ya around!
  • drowarchon
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    QQ Waves
  • adamm119
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    amarantos said:

    I'll miss giving you herps :( but glad you have the strength to do what I can't in giving up fw. hope you have more fun wherever you move onto!

    Hey. If you wont let me quit, I'm not letting you quit >:[
  • senrin
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    Soon Domino and Henry will stare each others in an empty Citadel o_0"
  • kumi
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    senrin said:

    Soon Domino and Henry will stare each others in an empty Citadel o_0"

    You're assuming Domino has the time for that. Falsely, I might add.
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  • senrin
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    Maybe he still thinks Henry lays in Freedom Harbour XD
  • omfgpopperz
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    I'm pretty much the same way. I haven't been on as much since the new instances are far too time consuming, and the 100 patch has everything screwed up. The game is unwinnable; just sustainable, but the junk they put in the boutique is laughable, not to mention the odds being absurd. I can't stand the Random anything, since there are instances I won't run. I spend more of my gaming time on something NOT Arc. But for us folk that are just happy to have 1D to spend, it's a long and arduous path to OP'ness.