Turn Realms 2 and 5 into PvP on the PvE servers



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    I start fall in thinking... the poll can be "tricked" very easy. ALT force can be strong... (more strong that force come from star...wars :p ).

    *Yes. It's double post*
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    Let's explore other options...
    If devs can do this, why not just reset rift maps...that people were asking to have done for months?
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    No, please don't turn the realms into PvP
    i vote NO....If I port some instances and not return me back to where I be, then vote NO for pvp. Because I do not want to PVP here. I start playing PVE server because I hate PVP. It's really a problem to do random spawn stones at the Crucible or the Lost City?

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    No, please don't turn the realms into PvP

    It would solve issues and create another new ones.

    ->The reason i would want pvp is simple autoclickers/exploiters, either ban them and make game less populated, either make them killable so they need to fight for the stuff.

    ->Will it interfere with zodiacs/elementals, for sure it will, agreements can be made or not since the low population. Providing a solution for zodiac rat exploiters, and inviting pvpers to the guild base that are bored, making me waiting for them at base entrance for perma *spawn kill*.

    ->It will have no direct effect on me, as i dont bot on realm 2-5.

    -> i will not leave town to bother with killing randoms for my own personal empathic amusement , its more fun to open orbs like 95 weapon one ;) than to make some aoe fireworks and headshot poor random trying to grind on crucible on his/her daily seal quest, if i want kills i just log off and go play some fps game, to feed my sociopath needs. But if a friend of mine is in danger, getting privated of his/her own gameplay i will step foward for him/her.

    What i mean by that above, people are bored enough at this phase to ruin others life, such as people gameplay just for their own fun, and on Illyfue there is many potential candidates, so i can see why how many wouldnt want this feature in the first place, shame.
    I would appreciate a server transfer feature xD because when joined game Illyfue was the only PVE EU server, so was forced kinda to keep going, Nyos came much later....

    awwwwww Gio.....If they do it...then is maybe good time, say...good bay.

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    No, please don't turn the realms into PvP
    I think the people voting YES have no idea of the ramifications of their vote. Fix realm 2/5 to be PvP on the PvP servers, and leave the PvE servers as it is (should respect players original choice when choosing servers). Echoing what JamrilArroway says....I have 98% confidence in PWE to implement this change successfully (maybe ALL realms be PvP, maybe NO EB upgrades will be attained for future, etc. etc.).

    If the problem the game has is "not enough PvP", then the REAL solution should be to FIX ARENA SEASON and the NPC so season 2/3 gear can be upgraded. Frankly, the fact that PWE even considers adding PVP to a PVE server is something I find disturbing.... THINK HARDER when trying to come up with solutions, please.

    Even though I vote NO TO PVP on realms 2/5....if you HAVE to make any realm PvP make it realm 2 only PLEASE.

  • utahalt
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    No, please don't turn the realms into PvP

    To address issues that have been reported with Lost City, Crucible, EB's and Elementals in our PvE servers, we are considering changing the instanced realms 2 and 5 into PvP . We have not yet decided on anything, but we are giving you the opportunity to voice your opinions.

    I don't think enable PVP will resolve all "issues", what is the issues being "reported"?! Case by case, if you meant autoclicker in Lost City and Crucible, once pvp enabled, no one will get any thing, A kills B; C kills A, D kills C etc. At the end, that place is called FF ;D How about random location spawn mines like old content which could not afk autoclick (I hated it when I fresh leveling mining lol)?! I only can think this issue, what other issues are you talking about that needs PVP to resolve them? Narrow them down and find a solution, however you guys might still need CN for the approval which might take awhile or never to implement. New big patch from CN next season will always "fix" something ;p

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    No, please don't turn the realms into PvP
    Worst idea ever.

    Stop wasting your supposedly limited time/resources on such farfetched, elaborate fixes that NO ONE HAS EVER ASKED FOR (seriously show me ONE player on PvE server who has requested PvP on realms 2 & 5). The amount of effort your development team would have to dedicate to make this change work could instead be used to fix the already existing problems in the game.

    I am a Storm character who loves to PvP, and I still believe that making our servers PvP on the only realms that count (especially 5 for EB) defeats the whole purpose of choosing PvE server to begin with.
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    Let's explore other options...
    Even though many players on the PvE servers have super built toons and could easily handle their own in a PvP environment the majority of them are secretly most afraid of losing their monopoly on PvE profitable/rare things such as EB weapons, elemental gear, lost city loot, crucible ores. They would hate to have to work harder to win that stuff or risk losing out on it altogether :)
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    No, please don't turn the realms into PvP
    Fix what you had to fix and dont make this new "ideas" please
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    No, please don't turn the realms into PvP
    vote no for several reasons of which would be good for gms clarified. It is understood that will pvp area well, will cancel the bot? In EB I remind them that if they walk so pvp bot will not have and will not be several hours after slaying a boss who always end up winning the same guilds.Remember like that and in the xSERVER where it becomes 12vs12 no bot.¿ endure kill EB hand beyond what happens in lost city and Crucible? If you put the pvp mode to those who voted that if they are reminded that there will be bot EB bone will not be able to be with alternates. If you read this some gm would be grateful that take into account .Then put more control over autoclick and abuse both in lost city and crucible.
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    No, please don't turn the realms into PvP
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    No, please don't turn the realms into PvP
    The whole point of a pve server is to not have pvp! this is a dumb poll! if you people want pvp so bad go to a pvp server and leave us pvers alone! not our fault you picked the wrong server.
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    No, please don't turn the realms into PvP
    Sounds fun for me, i would have great fun.

    That being said, server would also die out with even more people quitting, so no..
    (also i see many people vote that arent even on a PvE server, (mostly voting yes), not the best idea this poll..)
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    Yes, turn Realms 2 and 5 into PvP
    Yes !
    forsawken world is a PVP game
    on CN you DONT have PVE server .
    some content have to be PVP and the game make it like THAT ( free pvp without losing item// pvp zone )
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    Let's explore other options...
    the games pvp is dead and dull atm.. only thing keeping it alive is pve content, if u actually go into ff with normal gear ull understand the situation..and atm theres nothing u can do about it people are tryng for lvl95 gear and beat erchm atm and if 98 gears comes soon that too besides that theres nothing fun to do atm.

    so turning pve server realms to pvp is a bad idea ull lose the left over farmers and lowbies who are trying to farm cruci to lvl up etc
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    Let's explore other options...
    If you ready for loose a part of the player base so turn Realm 2 and 5 for PVP many already have start find other games becousse not much to do eniway after patch 100 . The is pretty borring game atm eniway atleast you can be sure many ppl will be gone .
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    Yes, turn Realms 2 and 5 into PvP
    go for it there is still 8 more realms to play on .
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    No, please don't turn the realms into PvP
    You almost got me there. But I hate to break it to you guys ... April fools jokes are meant only for the 1st of April not all the month.

    That said. What exactly would pvp solve ? What would it cost in problems. If you can tell me that it'll reduce all problems and not create new ones - and that I'm given a considerable game world and real world compensation if it's a lie, by all means go ahead.
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  • plagueis#6755
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    Yes, turn Realms 2 and 5 into PvP
    angelhead said:

    Lots of ppl are pve-oriented in the pve servers, me included, how are we supposed to do stuff like seals/flowers in crucible without getting killed 200 times over? I get that this would solve some problems but wont it also create problems as well? spec for pve chars.

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  • skypea88
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    No, please don't turn the realms into PvP
    I moved to FW from a game that was pvp because in FW I could choose an only pve server. I did raid for zodiac bosses and I'm not doing it anymore since a random alt stolen our drop 2 times out of 3 weeks. I'm not even bothering enter in lost city to avoid whiners and autoclickers; they are both pathetic: the first ones cus the keep complaining but keep going in lost city and the second ones cus they need to use cheats to get something in game.
    Realm 2: problem is Lost City. Pvp won't stop people complaining (now it's is about autoclickers, tomorrow will be about "csers that kill everyone"). Make the stones spawn in random spot, make the entrance limited to one or two a week.
    Realm 5: problem is alts getting drop even if out of raid and not doing damage but just taunting the ratkin at the last second. Make the drop as every other drop in pve server that means that you get drop if you do the most damage: raid damage > stupid alt damage.
  • youdoronron
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    No, please don't turn the realms into PvP

    Night protection makes you invulnerable.

    actually it doesn't, when we all moved to NF on illy and pvp was active on all realms people KS'd many afk night time botters
  • matrye
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    Yes, turn Realms 2 and 5 into PvP
    Everything about pvp breaking Eyrda I dont really believe I'm sorry. When I used to be on here years ago just to play around because pvp didn't exist in lh I had a blast. I was on a one shot character but it was still worth my time.

    And infamous, the only reason most of us picked Lionheart was because it was west which for me is my timezone. And with going to school but picking a server on the east coast would have been getting parties ect harder. Then they linked the servers all to the same time zone then that didn't matter. So rip my choice. I'd rather have picked a pvp server obviously because I'm a big pvpr. But that's not what guided my choice, it was the availability. And pvp still happened with arena. I wasn't a big fan of getting kos on previous games just because of a guild tag.

    I think it would be fun to have pvp on pve servers. Ppl just sit on mines with autoclickers in cruci. They do this on eyrda too. But the difference is there is a chance for new ppl to kill the clicker and get the ore. And for seal, I never had a problem doing seals on eyrda. I went in a party of 5 or so got it done. Unless you have a bounty on your head people aren't going to just kill you for no reason, or a beef with someone else. And that's their own problem.

    EB on pve servers are boring. You go to a boss. Bot. It dies. Go to next boss. Bot. It dies. Gz you're No. 1. I'm in the biggest alliance on LH and actually dread going because it's boring. But I've gone for 4 years. The best moment was when pvp came on r5 long time ago during 60 zods in SoO.

    It's not deviating to have pvp on a pve server. Unless you're a pkr and need to rack up those points people aren't going to kill you while you are doing a quest. If they do say hey I'll pvp you for a bit then can you let me finish my quest? Everyone is just looking for something to do is why they pk or pvp. But most aren't heartless. And what fun is it killing noob anyway?
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  • lupuldincarpati
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    No, please don't turn the realms into PvP
    making realm 2 and 5 pvp will just result in huge amounts of complains afterwards. ppl that chose pve servers chose them exactly for that reason. all in all i think is a terible idear since alot of events take place in realm 2 .
  • mekteh
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    No, please don't turn the realms into PvP
    No.the reason i choose full pve server not [email protected]/pvp becoz i dont want any sort of pvp....simple and clear.i do not enjoy pvping content of this game.tbh this game already p2w.i dont need another additional reason to make me left this game.
  • antiopeasaphire
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    No, please don't turn the realms into PvP
    I say NO leave it PVE if folks want to pvp there is pvp servers for them to go to
  • miciociccio
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    Yes, turn Realms 2 and 5 into PvP
    Voted for Pivvvvipi realms despite i do 0 Pivvvipi at all ;P

    Useless poll is Useless though, Autoclickers using 6/7/8/infinite alts in lost city will use the same amount to vote here lmao.

  • disjointedheart
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    Yes, turn Realms 2 and 5 into PvP
    I say yes, and then consider merging Nyos with Illyfue :)
  • legendpve
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    Yes, turn Realms 2 and 5 into PvP
    inb4 people QQ more about auto-clickers and EB taunters and getting no fixes cause devs wanna fix what they want and not what we want. We should be more accepting to change, not turn down an offer cause of "not wanting to get PK'ed by csers."

    Anyone who wishes for a future server merge but votes NO on this poll is just killing any hopes of ever getting a server merge. Cause they gotta give Eyrda something PvP. I'm personally happy they even offered to work on such a big patch, but having the community turn it down won't help their willingness to work for us. It should, but let's face it. When do they ever really listen to us for fixes?

    We're already too spoiled with always asking for good logins and an anniversary event and throw a fit when maintenance is a restart only. We're basically little annoying brats to them, and to Domino. :wink:

    I say NO leave it PVE if folks want to pvp there is pvp servers for them to go to

    Ok, but then give us the option to switch servers or CS me a toon in the PVP server. :blush:
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    No, please don't turn the realms into PvP
    Make Eyrda full PVE while u at it plsss!!

  • galadhwen23
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    Yes, turn Realms 2 and 5 into PvP
    I see many ppl from pvp servers votting in here which for me sounds a bit stupid tbh i just say...
    FW is indeed a pvp game, it SHOULD be fully pvp without any pve server, but then i suppose you would lose many players who only play for the pve part of it. I personally voted yes only because i like pvp, EU cross server is kinda dead unless you spam FF.
    But as someone stated earlier, if you bring realms 2 and 5 onto pvp you're gonna make some ppl quit or stop doing the stuff they enjoy doing which is pretty unfair.
    In my opinion you should just merge all EU servers together, that would make it more interesting and fun. About the realms matter, i still would like to have at least one pvp realm (realm 5 is maybe the best option since who cares about crucible and lost city?lol)
    Saw many videos about fun zodiac pvp fights from other servers and its something i would like to experience before game shuts down for real.
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