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DC/mini rollback

Keep DC'n and when I get back in game, I've had a mini roll back? Ex: Doing a GTR...done several legs of journey then after dc shows I haven't even started a GTR Ex: Doing seals in crucible...get to seal 23...dc...log back in and find myself on seal 15? Anybody else having this issue?


  • thenamesdominothenamesdomino Posts: 1,679 Arc User
    What probably happened was you were disconnected before you actually got kicked. The game will continue to allow you to play due to cached data. When that happens upon return you were put to the place you were when you got disconnected. it's happened a few times
  • mistressofsnowmistressofsnow Posts: 69 Arc User
    edited March 2016
    Idk about that.. because It's been happening to me and chat was working just fine. Chat has been freezing right before the DC making it so can't post nor see posts.

    I just had another DC and now i have to go finish watch rotation again and turn in for lucky quest.. which i did like 15 minutes ago =/
  • truthspreader1truthspreader1 Posts: 15 Arc User
    If that is the case, would that allow for me to be able to actually interact with npcs and turn in quests before the actual DC? Usually if I've disconnected but it hasn't told me I have, I cannot talk to any npc and certainly can not complete a quest.
  • conterkillerconterkiller Posts: 2,479 Arc User
    edited March 2016
    Lol, dcs have been reaally awful lately.. ive dc'd like 5 times just today.. i just long in.. leave to make food.. come back dcd...
    log back in.. start watching a movie... tab back a few mins later.. dcd again.. etc etc etc..
    its really annoying.. lol

    and im pretty sure its happening to a lot of people too.. cuz people on my friendlist keeps dcing too.. lol

  • keakua808keakua808 Posts: 222 Arc User
    this has happened to me a few times. finish rce turn in quest....... dc and rce back in my logs unfinished. the dcing from game has been crazy lately. wait 20 min to get a ff que finally get a pop to dc while loading. so i need to relog and wait 20 more min to get a que again to wait for it..... dc before getting in. lololol i dced while writting this post
    79 Dark Vampire

  • mistressofsnowmistressofsnow Posts: 69 Arc User
    Omg... still with all the DC's... been DC'd over 20 times today....
  • darkdark650darkdark650 Posts: 14 Arc User
    Rollback happening on Eyrda too.. At least 4 times today for me... Fix this bs!!!!!!!!!
  • mistressofsnowmistressofsnow Posts: 69 Arc User
    Aaaand here we go on Eryda with the DC's and mini roll backs yet again
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