Weekly Champ raids

Soo several people on Eryda have noticed that the Weekly raid's are completely bugged; And despite it being Monday, The system is saying that EVERYONE has already done ESNM, FHOF, ToD and Molten... Any other servers having this issue?? Been trying since like 4:30 AM Eryda server time.


  • amarantos
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    common dst issue, looks like the gods didnt reset either among other things. idr if things sort themselves after maint or not
  • darkseed
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    Common DST issue, for some reason, rather than setting clocks forward 1 hour, they seem to set it backwards 23 hours. The game thinks it's Sunday. The raids should be available tomorrow even before any maintenance. This is also why you cannot queue for FK today, but you can manual FK.
  • anc13nt
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  • mistressofsnow
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    Hey it'd be nice to get GM or PWE Staff input on this... because apparently Illyfue was able to run their raid **** like normal. And yet Eryda couldn't at all. And I heard it's still broke. And it's 4:40am Eryda time.
  • pinkette1#7450
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    illy is eu server so they did not have any time change. yw :D
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  • mistressofsnow
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    Ah lol. That explains it. :p but all is good on Eryda now lol
  • kuukami
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    The EU servers DST maint should happen in 2 weeks when most of EU has their time change. Not everything is done to American timetable.