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DW Broken for Storm

Many people in storm were unable to get the reward from Dimensional Wars. Yes, I was there for the whole hour and I kept the buff.

Thanks whoever messed this up.


  • nikkibunny56nikkibunny56 Posts: 1 Arc User
    Both my toon's were there as well for the hour and had the buffs _BunnyMan_ only got title quest accepted but clicked item link had same pop up as shown above.
  • tiberium30tiberium30 Posts: 129 Arc User
    I got it on one toon and not the other.

    Right when the chest popped I jumped on it on my main but 2 alts (with same buff) didnt. I suppose when it change time, it changed day for the xserver (3 hours ahead) and it messed the reward since ''a new week'' started.

    Well its what I presume.
  • maddog2341maddog2341 Posts: 15 Arc User
    edited March 2016
    I was able to get one of the prizes, but when I clicked on the second prize, the description of DW popped up. I then got the error saying I was not there long enough for the prize even though I still have the buff saying I qualify. Sadly I expect nothing less when the time changes. I am sure a few other things will be buggy until the next maintenance... I mean server restart. I should also add I am from Eyrda so it is not just storm being affected
  • divineaurorasdivineauroras Posts: 138 Arc User
    Fix bugs before adding new ones please.
    DivineSpirits (Fire/Ice Mage), DivineAuror (Divine Priest), SirFanion (Elemental Warrior); Allied with Rhondelyn and DarqueShadow
  • utahaltutahalt Posts: 404 Arc User
    On the bright site, only DW problem from this daylight saving time. If you search on forum, every DLS there was an issue big and small, so good thing is not affecting game play in general this time. Not gonna expect them to prepare next DLS but us ;) "calling a night during that day".
  • jadedragonessjadedragoness Posts: 54 Arc User
    edited March 2016
    This was the second week of NOT receiving rewards after sitting in DW for hte complete hour!! Please look into it and fix it!!

    Storm Server
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