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a few questions

i heard there a lot of pvp options ranging from open world, arena, gvg, and battlegrounds? can someone explain the levels that these options open up please.


  • amb35135amb35135 Posts: 12 Arc User
    The guild v guild pvp is called Rift and is Saturdays at 2200 on Lionheart Server, the Open World PVP is only available on pvp worlds such as storm, arena and battlegrounds are both in FF. Battlegrounds is either HoIF on thursdays, or FF everyday. Arena is practically dead but is available in both 3v3 and 6v6

    Tomatoabc-Lionheart-Darkpact Tormentor
  • Right now lets just be happy we dont have pvp
  • I'd like a PvP server. But the problem with those are leveling is a huge pain cause you die constantly. In another game I played you literally died every five minutes. And getting past level 50 was near impossible cause level 70 players camped there. What's worse. There's no GM and a hack was created for one hit kills anything even level 70 bosses with 12 m HP. Then there is the Safe Zone Kills. No where was safe.
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