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Any Shadowbinders outchea?

ohitsthatbishohitsthatbish Posts: 1 Arc User
edited December 2014 in Reaper Discussion
Am I alone? Is the loneliness worth it?
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  • DethStrike - Storm LegionDethStrike - Storm Legion Posts: 183 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    One of my guildies has one that is Shadowbind.

    We learned that the BR taunting abilities of Shadowbind is most definitely OP...
  • Gwenny - EyrdaGwenny - Eyrda Posts: 1,417 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    I was Shadowbind for a while on my Lionheart BR. But she kept pulling aggro and getting herself killed lol (and annoying everyone else in the party...) All their dark skills have strong taunts omg D: Maybe when she's more developed I might switch her back because I do love the tree. She's now Bloodbrawl for awhile and I do enjoy it as well.

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  • DoomRaven - Storm LegionDoomRaven - Storm Legion Posts: 829 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    Taunts are like useless at the end, so shadowbind tree is one of the worst for PVE.

  • Melysma - EyrdaMelysma - Eyrda Posts: 21 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    I LOVE my shadowbind BR! Yeah i pull aggro but not always, if the team you're with is good enough they'll manage to pull it back if necessary.

    I like that I'm able to pull aggro if the main tank is laggy / not with it. Plus i duo with my sister - who chose the Divine Priest of the class and we make a good team.
  • snowdragonnsnowdragonn Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    I've got three Blood Raiders. My Kindred is Bloodbrawl, one Lycan is Bloodwind and the other is Shadowbind.

    As a Shadowbind Lycan, I find that I can tank the Lv 80 GL boss at 75 but can't always hold aggro. When I was 65 I occasionally took aggro off the 80's vamps who normally tanked. I've got the attack and HP to handle getting hit but the parties are usually worried that I won't survive till the end as I am usually 5 or so levels below them.

    I love being Shadowbind but not holding aggro is a bummer.T;Cool
  • Saxes - EyrdaSaxes - Eyrda Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited December 2014
    I'm a Shadowbind Reaper and I have to say I like my build. I don't have much dps which is annoying, but I have received many comments on my tankiness. I feel like Shadowbinds can be extremely useful if enough time and energy are put into them
  • ekzxtekzxt Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited December 2014
    In my opinion this is the worst development path for me.
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  • bboymigobboymigo Posts: 100 Arc User
    Naw critdef that badboy up with some crit dodge and around lv80 resists and you have..a kinda survivable reaper lol. Masteries around 80 for dark you can do some nice crowd control with it
  • sylenthundersylenthunder Posts: 21 Community Moderator
    Nice Necro there bud. Over a year old.​​
  • bboymigobboymigo Posts: 100 Arc User
    I do what i can
  • fonsevfonsev Posts: 19 Arc User
    Shadowbind is the most fearless and strong PVE tank, maintain agro reduce and reflect damage ( Nyos 70 fervor) . It can be defeated very difficult in PVP (High resistance required and/or Ele gear) but difficult to kill oponent also.
    Damage you can achieve is low this is one disadvantage that requires robust cc & cdam gear to overcome but if you do you are better tank than Protectors and almost equal to Aegis Warriors (Note Water bards and Rebel priests are better with these stats as tank i think in terms of survivability but they can't maintain agro.)
    Cooldown of defend skills(Brawler's heart & Blood mail, blood of the Weak) are huge and duration very short.
    Funy thing is to reduce the cooldown of bralwer's Heart you need to go deep in BBr talent or to use 2 -3 runes on that which reduces runes with skills you need to have to make a good hybrid (][_ ([]) ][_ ?) .
    Reflect damage is refer to damage received and not caused by mob or attacker , so you reflect the damage after absorbtion !!! (rediculous situation ?)
    And last but not least stats that release the true nature of Shadowbind and make him strong require at least 65 points of talent tree. ( So if you go hybrid with brawl is only for PVP..and yes hybrid_BR ( Shadow- Brawl) is good pvper)
    Hybrid with true blood mail rune works fine for me on PVP and as a decent tanky-DD which can survive all situations but canot be compared with bwind or bbrawl.
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