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What the hek is that? Why we might drop items even without any karma? You think that make the game better? You just making the game more cr.ap at every expansion....

P.S. I think you wonna loose your games...!!


  • miciociccio
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    You mean in pk? equipped or not?

    Cuz as far ik there was Always a chance, even if small, to drop item in inventory (not the equipped ones) when you get pkpped even with White name.

    Yes, i am in Illy but seen that in some other servers *avoid tiger smiley*


  • eredthion
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    Killed from party member but not exactly pked. Killed at TM by transformed to mushroom and drop item from the bag. That gives the chance to some "nice" (@$!%!#$@$) teamers to pick up the "loot"...
  • blazder
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    That has ALWAYS been that way, even in pve if you get killed by a mob, even if you are white name there is a small small chance youll drop something. Its been that way since the start of the game, its just very very rare.
  • edira
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    It's not as rare as you might think... at least in raid instances, like FHoF (depending on 2nd boss combo) and Desaster the chance is pretty high that you'll drop items. Happened to me 2 times already. >.<​​
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