FW: Awakening Demon Bugs

aurynalexi Posts: 3 Arc User
These are bugs that I have noted, feel free to mention more if you are reading this and have found another they need to know about. I am on Lionheart Server

*Otis Horkennan Skill Tab Gone: this is true of only my demons, of which I have four on my account, all my other toons can still see this tab. I have seen three or four other posts on here about this, and they seem to have gone unanswered.
*Prayer Action Gone: my character just freezes in place as he prays, which thankfully the prayer still happens, but it would be nice to have this action back.
*Sudden Change of Horns: I have heard tell of this in world chat on my server, but it has only touched one of my demons (Izikvazul) its an interesting switch, and its growing on me, but coming up with a way to fix this would be fantastic, seeing that the current appearence and hair change tokens in the game don't touch the Horns for the demon.

Thanks for reading :)


  • sylentpryest
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    I have one demon on my account, and he is also afflicted with the Otis's Skill tab not showing up and the prayer action being theroughly broken, haven't gotten the horns issue, but then again, it doesn't seem, to be hitting everyone either. Thanks for putting them into a list, maybe they will get some notice at some point.
  • whankerlili#3645
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    Well, I hoped it was just me, get on here for the first time and guess what I am not alone! The first toon I made is demon, and she can't see Otis's skill tab either, very frustrating, I hope they fix it. Oh I am also on Lionheart server.
  • apex666#0738
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    Same here Demon is my main and probably the one who needs skills tab the most simply for Life Sirum.
  • mirandanichole79
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    edited February 2016
    Skill tab still not fixed, deleted and redownloaded the game still didn't fix it, also there are no mounted combat license's that you can buy which is a huge problem! None in AH, none in Leaf Shop, and all the others are bound. They need to either make them unbound so people can put them in AH or mail to alts so demon's can get them or fix the bug! I bought my friend which is a demon a mount costing over 3D and he can't get a combat L's to use it!!!! What is the point of having a combat mount if you can't fight on it because you can't get the L's? Needs fixed ASAP!
  • aurynalexi
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    Thank you all for your responses, I have a small update. I have both male and female demons on my account and this is what I have noted:

    *currently, the male demon is the one afflicted by the lack of prayer action, where the toon just freezes while he prays, even his wings freeze their animations. My female still has here prayer actions.

    *all other bugs still remain for all of them, the skill tab on Otis issue being the bigest of them.

    mirandanichole79, I did not think to reinstall the game, althought I have reverified it since these issues surfaced, since the newest patch, but seeing that it didn't correct the skill tab issue on Otis for your demon, I think this may be very deep in the code. Be sure to say someting about the MCL on the boutique forums too, as I don't think you are the only one with an issue with the lack of them for purchase since we can no longer quest for them anymore even.

    Here is to hoping the demon bugs get taken care of!
  • banker7
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    1) My demon is female so at this time just missing the skill tab on Otis. I've reverified and no fix. It just seems strange that one day the tab is there, they do an update and it's gone - just for demons tho.

    2) Also, cannot get the elemental relic skill to upgrade relic. Finished all quest lines and nothing. Plus I'm stuck with the "MARCH" quest from Morin. Completed everything so Idk what's going on.

    3) One other thing I noticed recently is that the dark contract quest, at times, cannot be completed. I do that quest in the morning so it's not a reset issue. This just started recently.