Winter Heights Festival Ground

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Has anyone figured out how to not get one shot while doing the quest for this area? myself and someone else on my server have figured its something about killing an incorrect mob 3x in a row, but how do you tell which ones are the wrong ones? My 2D sg repair bill thanks you :D


  • im2gr84u
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    Easy, don't do that quest :P

  • kingkarzan
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    Just ignore it.
  • eberg33k
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    Go to armorer, buy grey weapon, take gear off, equip grey weapon, kill mobs, reequip when boss spawns
  • aestheticsbro
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    Bleed immunity skills prevent the one shot, so use those and just nuke the hell out of them until boss spawns.
  • mekteh
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    Strip gear n auto repair cost.
  • eazz
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    In China version, they have slight difference in the mobs name.

    The idea is to spot the different in name and kill the required mob. Kill the wrong mob you get a stack buff(traitor buff cause u kill wrong mob) 3 stacks = instant death. Kill the right mob, all stacks clear.

    Thanks to our unique translation. All mobs have same name.

    Work around as stated above or use lowb alt and auto bot while main stand in area n get quest done.

    Till they change the name. You can't spot any difference.
  • chibiwolf6
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    Aight cool ty guys <3