Emergency Server Maintenance [6:30pm PST - 2/10/16]

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Hey Everyone,
We believe we have found the root cause of the current Realm, Solo Instance, and Vengeance issues that have been occurring since the maintenance last night on Eyrda, Storm Legion, and Nyos servers. We will be running an emergency maintenance on all three servers tonight.

We understand that Eyrda is currently working but for stability's sake we will also need to perform maintenance there as the current fixes are only temporary.

To Reiterate, theis maintenance is for Nyos, Eyrda, and Storm Legion ONLY

We will be bringing down the servers at 6:30pm PST

This maintenance is expected to last about 3 hours.

We apologize for the inconvenience that these issues have caused, and appreciate your patience in this matter.

- The Forsaken World Team
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  • xchrspy
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    So no EB events on all those servers now? Any way you can do the maintenance not during Eternal Belief...
  • azariel13
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    I get this needs a maint but you could've at least waited for normal maint time, missing EB is pretty irritating.
  • court1213
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    Maintenance got me down. Worst time to do maintenance.
  • thenamesdomino
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    Unfortunately, the time table is not the best, but multiple departments are involved with the scheduling. this was the time they are all available to run the maintenance.
  • xchrspy
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    pretty sure the vast majority of all these servers would rather suffer for another day or two than have you all do an emergency maintenance through EB....could've picked any other day at this hour if this was the only hour that departments are available.
  • noxshadow1
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    Maybe...because it's an emergency...the devs might have come back into the office...and we might have pearl and coin NPCs back?

    Give us a silver lining~ To our clouuuuud of gloooooom~
  • deathgod123456
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    i dotn mind it i cnat even take part in kiling eb anyway eydra seem to think im too much drama to joina pvp guild
  • shamazam3
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    maybe fix demons not able to see "skill" tab at Otis too?
  • tehpeach
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    Thank you so much Domino and the FW team for finding a fix for the issues. Hope this works :cold_sweat:
  • yosepi
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    I'd rather they fix the constant DC problem, no matter what other event is going personally because it's beyond bad.Theres always next week after all.Goodluck on the maintenance dudes and dudettes.
  • chiffoncake
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    Can't wait if trinket, pearl/coin npc, fusion agent npc and many others along with this fix xD wishful thinking but will see once the server backup ;p
  • xchrspy
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    Nothing other than the realm hopping disconnecting is getting resolved, chiffon.
  • spykesbaby
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    I personally wouldn't want to wait another day just because someone is missing EB (inserts rolls eyes emote here !), I can't believe people are complaining when they should be thanking you guys for fixing a problem, seems greed expects everyone to put up with issues so they can do precious EB. Thanks for getting right on the problems at a time which suits you guys, awesome work. :)
  • viiix
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    All this whining, and server is back up a full hour before EB ;p
  • deathgod123456
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    and i cnat evne log on i log and i dc whiel loging
  • deathgod123456
    deathgod123456 Posts: 309 Arc User
    login failed
  • deathgod123456
    deathgod123456 Posts: 309 Arc User
    fixed it
  • kuukami
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    try running patcher
  • thenamesdomino
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    What server?
  • deathgod123456
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    yep exactly what i did