Valentine's Day Love Letters

Valentine’s Day is near and love is in the air. Did you already have the courage to tell your beloved how you feel? Are you already married in game?

We want to know how much you really love your partner and why you married him or her in Forsaken World. Write a romantic love letter and share it with us in this forum thread!

Start: 8th February 2016, 9 am PST

End: 14th February 2016, 10 am PST

Our team will decide on the 3 most romantic love letters. The writer and the recipient will get a special prize for sharing true love with us.

But since we know how hard it is to express one’s love, all participants will get a prize as well!

Share your love with us!


  • strudykisses
    strudykisses Posts: 36 Arc User
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    My Special Friend
    Isn't funny how some special people don;t relize they are special at all.They're
    thougthful without without thinking about it. They're alway there when you call They share. without expecting even thinking about it.
    They always there when you call.They share, not expecting anything in return.
    Yet always seem richer forgiving-Isn;t is lovely how those people can teach us so much about living!
    You one Special people! Thanks for being my friend . thank you choosing me game marriage
    thank you for let me share .Good luck everyone
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  • adamm119
    adamm119 Posts: 57 Arc User
    Well, I'm not entirely sure if this can apply to previous marriages in game, but, here goes!

    I'm going to share my story about my first marriage in Forsaken World between Vulkon and Audrien. To start, we were together in real life, years ago. We were young, kind of a high school silly idea of love; but it felt real. Anyway, we were together for awhile before we started forsaken world, and actually, we only started this game because of one another. She was going away for the summer and I wanted a way to keep in contact with her, to spend time with her... even if that meant virtually. So... I found forsaken world. We played for roughly a year and a half, she however, had some family issues in reality so she couldnt play so much. I made a protector, and my entire goal was to literally protect her through every instance together, so we could spend time together when she got back on doing anything without troubles. We got married in game and every moment I spent farming, getting gear, making pocket healers for these instances so we could do them with just the two of us, was all for her. I wanted to impress her because she was far away, and this was the only way I could. You could say our virtual lives still kept us together through the drama.

    Now, for the mushy part of the "love letter" XD -- I married her ingame and was her loyal boyfriend because she was perfect to me. We spent every moment we had together laughing and coming up with new ideas of ways to have fun together and laugh and love together. Kind of sad that my first actual relationship was one that made us feel so happy, but would have never lasted through the brutality of time. I loved her, and only knew how to do things for her by sending her flowers in real life and sending her my protector in game. She was my driving point in game. Every moment I spent, every dollar I spent, was for her. ; The less hopeless romantic - cheesy part of the story takes place when she finally discovered that it really wasn't going to work out like this. It's been years since I've heard from her.. but I still hold on to the single Red Rose she made me, so long ago.
  • tinasloba
    tinasloba Posts: 40 Arc User
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    We met for Spanish-speaking Forsaken, but then sticking to Arc He followed me. Tinasloba history and Schweigen. Love Schweigen: The first time since conquered me with your smile, to be laughing all time, playing alongside and overcome unexpected moments of sadness. We became boyfriends away. Although it is not easy to relate being in different countries, we are committed. We were married in another forsaken, we are theoretically married couple involved and committed to distancia.Y yet every day we met outside or inside the game is just as much to get a smile from one side as the other place.Guest instances and missions, discussions on how to arm ourselves were making us stronger. We are still so in love as the first day. Being mates, boyfriends, friends, lovers, and married in the game. We never split and always will love you every day that passes every day of my life. I love tinasloba. happy Valentines
  • chupoy
    chupoy Posts: 8 Arc User
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    i guess im gonna participate this for my wifey FuneralRose. for a lazy guy like me, im really not good in sharing stories and dont have written skills, so please bear with me.
    at first i just love this game for the graphics,a reallife looking toons,the skills,the stories and pvp style.. then the marriage stuff made me curious, so i asked a friend to marry me to dig the marriage quest and its details, then that friend gone inactive of the game, but i have another friend who runs with me in any instances, and asked her how about u marry to get some achievements and titles? she was doubting but in the end agreed with me, so i offered her that she can marry me.. but before the 2nd marriage happening she went less online in game.. actually marriage in game dont give much value for me..
    But, there came this cute lil vampy named FuneralRose, who runs with me sometimes in instances.. she poked me once, twice, and more! just poke! that OP poke!! wrapped with Cupid's soul power that changed me.. in short we got married in game, we both divorced our inactive spouses.. Destiny really prepared a way for us arranged eveything for us.. ^^
    Before,ingame marriage was just a joke for me, but now i value it like a diamond, and my Wifey i value her as my life! we're not living together in real life but FW our second world that made us live like we are living our future lives.. but we know sooner that future life gonna be a present for us in real world.. i live my life in realworld for her, i live my gamelife for her..
    for me the coolest title on my toon are all our marriage titles.. but so far "Forever with FuneralRose" is the best!!
    - Happy Valentines!! my everdearest wifey , your hubby here ansaCHU ^___^ hope you'll read this.. <3
  • shotthrough
    shotthrough Posts: 4 Arc User
    I'm going to share our story about our ingame marriage(s). Most visible of them all would be between HollowAngel and iTaboo. We came to Forsaken World from another game, as a couple. At start we were not sure if this was the game for us, but since we live far apart and meet seldom in person, we needed something to do together when we were not working, training or studying. Slowly we learned the basics of the game, found some friends to help us getting started, and give us some advice. With time flying by, we grew stronger as players, but also as a couple.

    To the part why I married him. When we met years ago, I was very broken. I was a broken soul whose pieces had been picked up, and ground to dust. You can not superglue dust, but somehow he gathered my scattered crumbles and hugged me so tight, that my pieces started slowly to fall back to their own places.
    He had gone through a great deal of things himself, and understood me better than anyone else ever. He has stood by my side when I have been at my best, and he has carried me through times when I have been absolutely at my worst. It for sure has not always been a fairytale, but we push through even if one of us is suffering or going through hard times. We have each others backs even if it would mean we will have no one else left afterwards.
    We count on each other, and even other people probably see both of us as distant, edgy and difficult, we see the beauty in eac others souls. He is the kindest person I know, even I guess he shows that side of himself only to me. He is loving, caring, and always eager to learn ways to make things better and easier for us to handle. He has his quirks, but so do I. We put up with alot in this relationship, both of us. But all couples do, right?
    I patiently wait the long agonising months between the moments we can be together again. It is all worth it, and even he is not perfect... he is perfect- for imperfect me. The humour we share that not many others get, the loving name calling others easily see as offensive, and all the crazy conversations no one else really understands. They all make perfect sense to us. Broken me met broken him, and together we are complete.

    In a world of burnt muffins, he is the perfect chocolatemousse- cupcake. And this is why I love him.
  • buffybomb
    buffybomb Posts: 182 Arc User
    Dear husband

    You're the potato to my moose, the "Oh" to my "Yeah?" and the Found to my Us. You're awesome and I love you. The gecko outside your window is pretty awesome too.

    Hugs and kisses and sexy tiem <3

    Euli ~
  • isfolket80
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    To beloved my soulmate and twinflame

    We got married (ingame) first in january 2015 and
    then again summer 2015 with our alts
    But Our journey is much longer then that
    It started over 3 years ago soon 4 years
    We met when i was at a diffecult place in my life
    We became close friends and you lifted me upp when life was hard
    and always gave me a shoulder to cry on
    We grew even close toghter and we fell in love in real life
    I still remeber first time you said i love you was the happiest day of my entire life
    We have shared everything toghter through thick and thin
    And i love you still the same if not even moore
    You came and saved me my angel i never will regret falling in love with you
    Becuse of you im free to be me
    We got rest our life toghter because you are the one

    With all my love ~Pink~ <3

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    <3 Cuitepie <TyOhni's Wife> <3
    Illyfue- Fairytail

  • rzrfwslave15
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    We met on feb 2nd 2013 when we were doing gbq , got married on june 1st our alts again 1 year after on the same date, then again on 2015~

    To my beloved~

    what more could i ask for, being with u is enuf for me.
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  • sharii69
    sharii69 Posts: 205 Arc User
    Dearest Ricky (cleverworm),

    I don't even know where to start. We have been together for over 4 years now and each day we just grow stronger as a couple despite all we have been through. We have 2 beautiful children together and a home. Soon I will not only be your wife in game but in real life as well. My love for you has taken over a big part of me.
    I remember when we first married in game. I was so happy then and knew that I wanted to be with you. We are blessed with being able to hold each other both in game and in real life and for that I am grateful.

    I remember when you asked me to marry you in real life and how I was so shocked the food in my mouth came spilling out and I quickly had to correct myself before answering.
    I have been with you so long that without you I feel lost. There was a night when the flooding hit our area and it was so bad I didn't think you would make it home. I felt so lost trying to go to sleep that night. I didn't even sleep on your side of the bed and I confess that I turned the blankets and pillow into a makeshift you to hug until eventually I fell asleep.

    Everyday I spend with you and our beautiful children reminds me of how amazing and wonderful you are to us. I cannot express how much you mean to me because even I cant explain just how much I really do love you and how much you do mean to me.
    You have stuck by me through thick and thin and ill always love you for that.

    I can't wait until we take the step further and get married in real life.

    You're my best friend, my lover, my partner and a wonderful father who i'll always love and cherish for many many years to come.

    With all my love~
  • xxashtanxx
    xxashtanxx Posts: 5 Arc User
    A letter for my beloved wife Jazllynn.

    It was funny how we first met, on another game by a random chance encounter. I'm sure you remember that day as well. Looking back on that now, there is not a single thing I would change about that. But looking to the here and now, what we've been through. The moments we share together. I would never give those up for the world. Our ups and downs, our twists and turns, and we still manage to be together and love each other. We are human. Neither of us are perfect but you don't need to be. You just need to be you. I fell for you because of who you are, nothing else. As human beings we all strive to find that one other person that we want to spend our lives with. To share our smiles and our tears with one another. Whether one wants to admit it or not, that's who we are. You are the one person that makes me smile, the one person that I would do anything for and in short you are the love of my life. But you are so much more then that. You are my best friend. The person that knows me the most. Knows my likes and dislikes, my strong points and my weak but most importantly, you know ME. The three years we have spent together have been the best years of my life and I hope to spend many more with you, side by side. They say love makes you blind but I have to disagree; love makes you see many things you never could before, including a life together with you <3
  • tehpeach
    tehpeach Posts: 66 Arc User
    To my dearest love Ruffen_Tumble,

    We have been together four and a half years now. When we met I was at the lowest point in my life. The house had burned down, me and the kids lost everything we held dear in the world, and we were struggling to keep afloat. The kids told me not to worry and they loved me and knew I was doing my best. Yet I was a broken shamble of a woman and feeling as though I was failing as a mother. And then you happened.

    You said you could come and check the donated computer we had received from someone kind. When you came over to help out I nearly ruined it all by offering you a drink and putting ice cubes in it. Which after we started dating I found out you hated ice in your drinks. I think back on that and think how lucky I am you overlooked that little blunder. You met the kids and my boys instantly liked you. They knew you had a kind heart from the get go. So they said "Hey mom invite him over for dinner we know he will love your cooking." So I did. As the boys said you did love it and we all had big smiles on our faces when you left for home that night. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomache. Must be so because you came again when I asked you too.

    Over these last few years you have amazed me more every day. You have been so much more than a boyfriend to me. You are the roll model to the kids on what a great man should be. You show my daughter what she should expect from any man she dates by showing me tenderness kindness and love at all times. And you show the boys how they should treat a woman which has made them the great guys they are today. You provide for our blended family in ways only a real father would. You are so careful to make sure I am comfortable and not in pain. You pick me up every time I fall down the stairs from not being able to feel my feet. You make me a pot of coffee in the morning before I wake up. You make sure we have our "Maint night date night" every Tuesday night so we have "Us" time. You work tirelessly to make sure we can pay the bills and put food on the table for the kids.

    Most of all though hunny you tell me you love me every day. And when I ask you "Hunny do you know how much I love you?" you say "I've got an idea" Well my dearest heart let me tell you, you had no idea. You make me a better woman. You make me love you more and more every day. It's in the soft hugs. It's in the look of love and affection in your eyes when you look at me. It's in the quiet peaceful moments when we don't have to say anything but still feel the love from across the room. It's in the laughs and giggles. It's in the tears you let me pour out on your shoulder. Its in the way you hold me when I just need to be held during the hard times. It's in the everyday things you do for me, with me, and to me.

    So now my dear you know. My heart has been laid bare for you to see. I am not ashamed to say it to the world. Now when I ask if you know how much I love you you have a definite idea of how much. Thank you for healing my heart. Thank you for allowing me to believe in love again. Thank you for showing me there are still great men out there. Thank you for marrying me both on PWI and on FW. Thank you for always being proud to have me around you. Thank you for holding my tender heart in your caring hands. Thank you for loving me and letting me love you. You my dear are my heart please never forget that. I love you bunches and bunches hunny. *Huggles*

    Love forever, You real life hunny and in game wife,

  • malenagholson
    malenagholson Posts: 2 Arc User
    The first time I laid eyes on him I knew he was something special. He was tall, handsome, and had a thick beard past his shoulders. I thought I was blinded by his beauty but it was really the sun reflecting off his bald head. Anyways.. sometimes I feel like he's just using me for my money but he always rewards me for running his errands.. which are very repetitive I might add. I've been doing them for three years now so I thought maybe our relationship status would change but guess not. I'm sure since he has many others doing his dirty work he doesn't really notice me. HE PROBABLY SAYS THE SAME THING TO EVERYONE ELSE TOO. Hopefully, Henry will fix his act and ask me on a date this Valentines Day. If not I'll just have a candle lit dinner with an alt morphed in Hank. -forever alone-
  • spiceywings
    spiceywings Posts: 88 Arc User
    To my favorite part of my girlfriend, the vampire

    ~The marksmen are short
    The protectors are fat~
    ~But not even the elves can beat
    The **** of my bat~

  • ottoboi25
    ottoboi25 Posts: 2 Arc User
    It sounds so Cliché, the place that we first met.
    I didn't even know she were interested yet.
    When she finally told me, I was so surprised.
    That night we met up at the place where we first had met eyes.
    Later when I went outside, she followed me in tow.
    She leaned against the bricks and pulled me in real close.
    She laid a kiss upon me lips, butterflies swirled inside.
    I knew from then, she was the one, forever until we die.
    *^_^*Fallen Prince*^_^*
  • sophiied
    sophiied Posts: 20 Arc User
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    ~To my beloved teeohnee~

    I'll always remember the story of how we first met, I had been in Outlaws for a while and we had never crossed paths until the day I made that Fading corruption rune.. Posting it in world chat to see who was interested.. Then you appeared, flashing the cash willing to pay whatever.. The sheer excitement you showed me in pm's was adorable and funny ( but also made me feel slightly sorry for you ;) )therefore I sold it to you (at a good price if you ask me) and from that moment on our friendship began and our relationship grew..

    Over the coming weeks you became not only my friend but my best friend, someone I knew would be there for me throughout anything and everything and that's when I knew I had found the one.. I remember doing anything and everything to spend as much time with you as possible even pretending that I wanted to duel you just so you would stick around a little longer kekeke.. I don't think you will ever realise how much of an impact you had on my life in that short amount of time, 4 weeks passed and we decided to marry in game, October 19th 2014 and from that day we have been together and inseparable..

    After close to a year of endless nights talking, lack of sleep to adjust to eachothers time zones and many heart to hearts over skype we decided to plan our next step together, to be with eachother in person.. A dream that seemed so far and impossible you made come true.. I feel so blessed to have been able to spend those nights with you, cuddling and gaming movies and junkfood .. then, of course came the hard part.. Watching you leave.. I don't think I ever did tell you how much I cried in that taxi ride back home without you as you boarded your plane back to Australia.. But one thing I assure you, we will be together again soon and this time, permanently.
    Although we have had our rocky patches, arguments and tears I have always, and will always love you, you're my squishy warrior.

    ~ It's hard to think that a game could be such a big part of our lives but truth be told without this game I never would have found you, this game holds a very special place in my heart as do youImage and video hosting by TinyPic
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  • dennenappel
    dennenappel Posts: 133 Arc User
    It all started about 3 years ago.

    I was a young warrior, starting out in the area of Freedom Harbor.
    Because I came from a poor family, I was very impressed with the splendours of the big city.
    I would walk around on the square in the center of the city every day, taking in the people and surroundings.
    It was there that I first saw her.
    My heart skipped a beat and I couldn't take my eyes off of her.
    Such beauty, much wow.

    I started thinking how I could reach her.
    Because I was poor, it would be very difficult to be able to spend time with her.
    Even though I wasn't sure how, I was determined to make it work.
    I would get to see her and hold her, it was my first priority.
    I'm not sure if she realised, that I wanted her so badly.
    I did come to look at her on the square frequently, but she never noticed me.
    She had a lot of admirers, and it was hard for me to reach her.

    I started working harder, gathering more gold every day.
    And in not too much time, I gathered enough gold to be able to get her attention.
    They say you can't buy love with gold, but I was going to try in this case.
    That day, 3 years ago, I was united with the first love of my life.
    My first fashion piece, which I got from the boutique. <3
    Since then we have been growing and expanding more and more, and I
    expect it to last a lifetime.

    <3 I love you, my fashion collection <3
    Erzannah ~ lv100 divine priest (Nyos)
    member since 08/16/2011
  • boeknee
    boeknee Posts: 4 Arc User
    To my digghed SophieD
    I was gonna write one even though you were harassing me earlier. I was just gonna wait til you were gone to work LOL. There really isn't much point to write how we met since you covered it in your post but ill add some details. I remember months into our relationship you all of a sudden you came clean about buying my overpriced Nine-tailed Fox in order to make an impression and an excuse to talk to me LOL even though they've gone much cheaper the following week LMAO and now months of holding it in you're abusing me for selling an overpriced mount to my beloved girlfriend HAHAHA. Another funny/sad moment was getting married in game. Being me, i always told you to charge during charge rewards so that was the best moment and we agreed to wait. All of a sudden the very next night getting home and skyping me, you sounded so stressy but you wouldn't tell me what it was about. Till you told me it had something to do with charging, and eventually came clean about buying the rings. This cutiepie couldn't wait even a day and got stressed over not obtaining the rings until you got em LOL.
    Anyways, 10 months into our relationship of hours and hours of skype, sleepless nights, adjusting to our schedules and time zone, we finally got to see each other! Although it wasn't long but it was the best moment of my life to be spending it with you and seeing you. This isn't romantic but I remember the very first thing I said to your face "you're a f**king nugget, you told me the wrong terminal!" LMFAOOOOO. Finally i get to see and spend time with the one i love, i wish i could've stayed longer or better yet stayed forever. when i got home i just missed everything about you and especially missed you being by my side. But yesss, cant wait till a few months time cos it would just be a one way ticket, it aint gonna be no return ticket gurrllllllll -snaps fingers- :P
    On a serious note, I never thought much of online or long distance relationships I never thought they could be taken seriously or long term, but being in a relationship with you have definitely changed my views on it. I'm so fortunate to have met such an amazing, caring and down-to-earth person. Love you forever and always <3.
  • puddingbrein
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    Hey my sweet Troathcutie (Troathcutter)

    I remember the first day I met you on Forsaken World, I was being the biggest noob on the Illyfue server hahaha. But then I met you and you helped me get started in the game, explored all instances with me, went on killing sprees with me, helped me get lovely fashion and let me join the same guild as you with your friends.

    Although a marriage between a Vampire and a Lycan might be a bit controversial, somehow your deeply frozen cold dead heart started beating again, for me. Do you still remember our favorite spot? The Spring of Love in Lunagrant Woodland? We had so many amazing moments there, just the two of us, and the relaxing water. I will definitely never forget that spot since that’s where we decided to get an in-game marriage.

    And even though we never had the chance to meet face to face, our hearts will forever be connected thanks to this game.


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  • keakua808
    keakua808 Posts: 222 Arc User
    "I like that you're the last thing I think of before I sleep and the first thing I think of when I wake"

    Time, thats the word I think of when I think of you and all the moments we have shared.
    Yesterday, We were friends for so long but in a moment that all changed.
    Today, In this moment my eyes see only you, my heart feels only you, my happiness comes from you.
    Tomorrow, The moments that haven't happened yet, The moments i cant wait for to happen.
    Eternity, The moments that will last with me forever. Bed pans, muggings, sleepless nights, turnips that need dental plans, bunnies that need to avoid TM, The first I Love You.
    Heres to a life time filled with moments....

    Words will never be able to express what you mean to me. You will always be my Favorite blood I love u lav
    79 Dark Vampire

  • cateypops
    cateypops Posts: 3 Arc User
    My Love
    Its not what I feel about you but what I dont feel for anyone else, Someone asked me what I saw in you and my only answer was everything...After 3 years you are still my everything and always will be <3

    Njan ninne Snehikkunnu....<3
  • witamin1907
    witamin1907 Posts: 52 Arc User
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    To my beloved...

    I dont know where to start so many good things to say.When i see your pic first time i literally falling love with you.You know why?.. Just one word ' amazing '. And after i meet you i just wanted to talk you all day long without doing anythingelse.I love how much you care about people.You trying so hard to make things right without mistakes.You rather to suffer yourself than hurt people.
    Like i said to you. You are right side of my heart and im broken without you,

    I couldnt be happy,
    I couldnt sleep,
    I couldnt eat,
    I couldnt even live.
    You bring meaning to my life and i love you for that.
    I loved you once,
    I love you still
    I always have,
    I always will.

    Its song song of Bruno Mars,
    When I see your face
    There's not a thing that I would change
    'Cause you're amazing
    Just the way you are
    And when you smile
    The whole world stops and stares for a while
    'Cause, girl, you're amazing
    Just the way you are.

    Nothing to say more because i cant find right word how i love you.its not exist. Love you my angel.

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  • gio#4911
    gio#4911 Posts: 790 Arc User
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    You have been with me since i started my journey, the day we met in the city taken by the Stormlegion, we were so low level but we grow up together everyday, we travalled/flew these lands together, made quests together, made gvgs and pvp, watched the world changing together, we feed together even.
    I praised and teased you with all my love, and sometimes we got angry and scold/yelled on each other, no one is perfect.
    I want to thank you for being all the time supportive and being there for me all the time of need and sorrow, and for that im your eternal loyal shining knight with a forever lasting bound.
    this letter is for you Yoda purple turtle pet, your are awesome and wise, <3 may the force be with u all,
    with love,
    your dear xGIOx the lonebunny.

    notes: Yoda died 6 months ago when his soul had to merge with new purple pet, rip my best buddy and soulmate.

    'I had a dream that I was one, that became two, that became one again.
    I looked through my dark half's eyes and knew, the hunt must end.
    Now we shall see...what lies at the dream's end.' UrVa, the Archer

  • divinityscarlet
    divinityscarlet Posts: 63 Arc User
    “If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were.”

    My earliest memory of you is when I was just a level 70 assassin questing my way through Freedom Harbor. I saw your character standing near the training dummies, and the reason why it stood out to me was because you already had level 3 wings which at the time was rare and only a select few had managed that. After that, it would be a year before I ever even interracted with you in Forsaken World.

    You always came across as aloof and somewhat mean, so I was too scared to talk to you. Due to our relationships with other people, my path started crossing with yours more often. I got to talk to you on a daily basis, and when I first heard you speak, I found out you didn’t sound as scary as I always imagined. In fact, you made me laugh a lot. I already loved you back then, but I didn’t want to admit that to myself. We were both already taken. Sadly my views had been twisted by someone else. When our situation began getting complicated, I was forced to cut myself off from everyone else, including you. You were suddenly nothing to me, and I felt so lost for so long. I had completely ignored the times before when I was sad, and you were there to talk to me and keep me distracted by playing Forsaken World with me. It seems silly, but those times where you were there for me when no one else was meant the world to me. I never fully appreciated what you did for me, and I’m really sorry for that. After a year, I started to talk to you again. The reason I stopped talking to you to begin with was gone now, and regardless of whether you would accept or not, I apologized to you. I was so happy when you forgave me, because I was finally able to talk to you again like I used to.

    Piece by piece, word by word, I fell in love with you all over again, like I always feared I would, but this time would be different. You asked to meet me, to see if we had real chemistry. I was so nervous, but I really wanted to meet you. We were in the best situation; living in the same country, speaking the same language, and only an hour apart. When I first met you, you weren't scary at all - you were amazing. I could write many pages detailing how I felt throughout our first day together, but I think you know as well as I do that I can sum it up by saying it was perfect.

    So here I am, married to your character and living together with you, something I never would have considered when I first saw you in Freedom Harbor. There's nothing more I could have wanted; nothing left to be desired because I have everything. So thank you, VelvetStrike, for being that scary yet funny assassin who I could never get out of my head, and for being the man I never want to be seperated from ever again. I love you and your shenanigans, because underneath all that you have the biggest heart and the sweetest smile.

    (PS: You're the bunny. <3)

  • fonsev
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    To my love Lisa_mia and my sweet wife in game ,

    It was like a usual day I remember like all the others,
    my mind was seeking again to escape a few ours of reality playing in the game.
    Enjoying , loughing, arguing with others, just to let my self away of real everyday life and problems..
    and then all of a sudden it happened...
    A few words of text so warm and caring, so different from all the other words!
    In the begining i tried to overcome that beautiful surprise ,
    to convince my self that is something usual ...
    It happened before remember...people always ask for something ... I was talking to myself...
    "Oh ...Come on ...wake up" there was a little voise coming from deep inside me ...
    "She hasn't ask a single thing from you all this time ..."
    "All she wanted was to speak with you... to listen to you... to ask about you..."
    "Wake up ...all she cared about is ... you..."
    And it couldn't be more right...
    Words continue matching so perfectly each other like a secret melody , a code ...
    Yes the secret code i use to lock my heart my mind and my soul out of the reach of the others...
    I felt like a child naked and exposed , unable to find something to say...
    but the words were still there dancing in front of my eyes in the beautiful melody of your love...
    Unlocking me with each phrase... word by word...
    My eyes opened wide and my heart start beating faster ...
    Is this realy happening or is just an illusion I wondered?
    Room was suddenly filled with light and a wonderful music was echoing all over the place,
    A music I have never heard before... so magical and exotic,
    It was like taking my hand teaching me the steps of a sacred dance... the dance of your love ...
    I open my window door to the balcony... it was freezing and snowing but I just didn't care
    I was feeling warm and calmed and incredibly happy ....
    I was ready to cheer out from happiness...
    Yes ... it's love ...listen every body's's love...
    It came , She to my life... she makes me happy ...she cares about me ...really...
    She is wonderful... she sent me her picturer ... she is like a godess of love...
    Oh come on wake up...all... is wonderful...birds come out and sing ... flowers melt the snow on the ground...
    Show how powerful the love power is...
    Dont stand like that ... she came in to my life ...she is real... she is for me ...
    Yes love it was like that and I want to be like that , pure , true and always like the first time..
    No matter what is the plan of the powerful time and what unexpected life can bring matter how this will end...
    I want to live that with you cause is wonderful and it makes me happy and better person.

    I love you

    Your King_Lycaon
  • becky99#4782
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    it was on a sunny day and he asked me to marry him.
    I said yes and then we saved up for rings.
    and not too long ago we got married in game and now he is my husband in game,
    and he is my best friend.
    my dear husband.

    you are my best friend.

  • dsgirl2012
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    edited February 2016
    To My Dearest Wes,
    You came into my life so suddenly unexpectedly and swept me off my feet. I did not want romance or a relationship but you were patient and understanding. I never imagined I would find love in a game. Just two years after we married in game I left my home to move with you to a new city, a new job and a new life. Your love has transformed me uplifted me and made me feel whole. When I look into your eyes and you hold me close I feel all is right with the world. I love you WesConstantine my Husband and Soulmate.
    Forever Yours amlynne

    PS. Thank You Forsaken World without you I may have never found my True Love!
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  • cindyloulou
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    To my Dearest Derp Horborito,

    The day I return to Foresaken World last years, I was lost with no guild and no one to talk. My close friend found me and recruit me at his guild. I was welcomed. But then, you were there. Befriend me and talking to me on whisper for time to time. The more we talk the closer i feel to be. But there was one problem, I was in a relationship with someone else. I thought my feeling was not right and should not further that emotion, but I couldn't. If I could stay be friend with you I will be satisfy. Until a month, after coming back to game, that my boyfriend and I broke up. I was sad but not so long because I soon feel relieve. Relieve that I could now follow my heart and be with you. But then I was scared. Scared that you will be not actually be in love with me but only have interest on me for a while. When I announce that I broke up with my boyfriend, you were there for me, as a friend. Later of the week, you actually ask me if I wanted to be with you not only in game but also in real life. I was surprise and happy for that. I feel like my love for you was reciprocate and not one-sided. My heart was filled with joy to have you with me. We may not see each other in real life yet but I will tell you my love, that each day my love keep growing <3

    Your one and only soulmate Inugamisama
  • horborito
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    Dear Inugamisama,

    You are my old heart,
    you are my other soul,
    the brightest ray of sunshine I have ever seen,
    you are far to beautiful to love me and far to sweet to leave,
    Your tender spirit dances
    on purple candy clouds,
    and your eyes they speak of dreams.

    My Cold heart melts in your presence,
    for once I crack a smile,
    you treat this fool
    like a king,
    you do it all with style.

    Of all of things I look for,
    in you it is I found,
    another day to live for,
    a smile when I frown,
    sugar to my salt ,
    I'm a better man,
    whenever your around.

    Je'Taime Cindy.


  • kasskia
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    Dear Imahydin

    We first met in 2012 when we were both in Tainted – which was a fabulous guild in its day, where lots of friendships were sealed. It was the autumn of that year and we ended up talking mainly because of the 8 hour time zone difference and the odd times we played. We hit it off from the start and soon we found ourselves talking every day and I looked forward to that as much as playing, comparing notes about films we've seen or sharing our music. There was always something to discuss! We are very different people from different backgrounds and thousands of miles apart, but that made everything more interesting. I loved teaching you Welsh on skype and laughing at your attempts at pronunciation with an American accent. So much laughter...

    We married early in 2013 with lots of friends there, and the video taken by Pretty Precious is still on You Tube (as you reminded me last week) – happy memories.

    You are the steady voice of reason to my freak-out drama queen and you are my very best friend in the virtual world. Our friendship born in FW, has lasted longer than my real life marriage and you mean the world to me.

    It seems somehow appropriate that I'm writing this today, the 9th February – Happy Third Anniversary Cariad <3

    With love
    Velvet Black
  • viagem3101
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    To my eternal love mahoooeee,

    When we started talking, i started to feel really good with you. And each day that passes i love you even more, i need you every minute because i feel lonely without you. I know that atm we are so far away from each other, but our hearts keeps close. My heart is yours and your heart is mine, our souls are destinated to be together. Soon we will be together in real life, so we can stop suffering with the distance, but even with that, we are happy together and we are strong.. we love each other too much and i will never give up till we can finally be together irl, even if that takes years, because my place is beside you and thats what makes me happy everyday. Its a little weird post that here, where everyone will read, normally i just text you things like that, but its ok. With you i feel complete and i can be myself, same for you. I love you for who you are, i love your personality, the way you care about me, you are always there for me and im always here for you. Thank you so much for making me happy every day <3 I cant wait to see you again

    I love you so much

    And i miss you <3
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