Merc bogo anytime soon?

Hope we have merc bogo soon...


  • im2gr84u
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  • application#5451
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    I don't think its time for to get one of those just yet, Need to let some of the ingame cash flow drop
  • chiffoncake
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    Thank you for the last week spend promo, too bad mermaid orbs with promo one day benefit, I could not have time to go all out. I hope next week/next time envoy's orb (10 leaf)in boutique and spend promo gets poly orbs?! hehe...
  • tutilake88
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    I want envoy orbs in boutique for 10 leaves and I want spend rewards at the same time (merc packs x100 per 400 leaves spent) and I want 15% zen bonus at the same time, as well as charge and spend rewards activated and i want envoy orbs in charge rewards page. Kkthx!
  • gabriellakazari
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    i think i remember Domino saying at some point we are not getting a merc bogo until they can fix the problem they have had in the past with the gospels being unable to be opened by lower lvl players.
  • conterkiller
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    lol there was never anything wrong with them..
    that'st just the excuse to stop giving them to us cuz they give a lot of gold!!

  • chiffoncake
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    I'm missing good old "bogo" weekend...something to give this new FW team a suggestion ;)
  • miciociccio
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    A necromancer is raising Zombies in our cemetery! err, i mean in our forum ;3 burn him!
  • senrin
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    I'm missing good old "bogo" weekend...something to give this new FW team a suggestion ;)

    Do not necro.

    And sure FW just needs more ppl that brainless spend regardless of never ever fixed bugs.

    Go for it, we need Empty World more than Forsaken World...
  • endless013
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    would rather have a BNGO since I wont be BO in order to GO
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