First Mage to beat HRD Room 50

wonder what other Classes on my own server and the other servers have achieved this

to know about other Mages would be cool


  • qzpmn2006
    qzpmn2006 Posts: 35 Arc User
    photo DarqShadQuotePicSmall_zpsdutudbgo.jpg
  • banjankly
    banjankly Posts: 82 Arc User
    Kindred wind mage (after patch) ftw! :D
    Was a "bit" busy lvling so skiped HR, but will try this week aswell. Should work i guess but lets see :)
  • patate1995
    patate1995 Posts: 3 Arc User
    its easy atm cause we are lvling. so book of xp, pets back from quest, anything that give a bit of xp put u back to full hp and mana XD

    and gratz!
  • jacob94905
    jacob94905 Posts: 35 Arc User
    just so u are aware i didnt actually use any of that coz to me that wouldnt really be beating it on a personal lvl i did only use items that were avalible to every one such as an attack assist and Defence assit coz thats thing hits like a truck but cant take a hit very well they room 49 boss was the same so be careful hahah but yeah nothing dodgy like that just so every one is aware
  • gadda1
    gadda1 Posts: 45 Arc User
    Wow you are so op hope you get an oscar for this