Guild applicants make the leader crash?

isock#6686 Posts: 121 Arc User
i've been testing it, so far seems like any person that applys while the leader is on, makes the guild leader crash
that or is just me being unlucky so far
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  • banjankly
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    Also have the same problem with dcs. Tried alot now already to make it work but still the same. What i tried so far: scan pc, verify client, reseted talents (since kindred wind mage got some changes on there tree) and tonight i even reinstalled the game new!! Tried that with the guild applications but dont think its that since i turned it off and i still dcd after.
    It seems pretty much random for me. Happend in rcis, fates, fissure, gb,... Realy no idea what else it can be...
  • gio#4911
    gio#4911 Posts: 790 Arc User
    i get a lot of problems with dcing like, 2 dcs in interval of 2-3 min today

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  • claudia#9286
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    retail fw having problems? ... that never happens :p best advice for you guys is to get used to it because they have no clue how to fix it.
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  • banjankly
    banjankly Posts: 82 Arc User
    ok so i guess i found the issue :) atleast it helps for me. I had several spots on the new map marked to find npc/locations/mines easier. I removed them all and now it works all fine again. hope that helps others aswell, gl :)