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Awakening: Known and New issues Megathread

thenamesdominothenamesdomino Posts: 1,679 Arc User
edited January 2016 in General Discussion
Hey Everyone,

Please use this megathread to post any issues you may come across once the patch is live. Make sure that you look over the known issues list before posting so as to reduce redundancy. So far the known issues as I have them... Please Note that these issues are bugged and are waiting on a hotfix

Known Issues

- General:
o Nyos and Eyrda Servers are currently set to PvE
o Fusion Agents 1-4 are missing from Jane Morningstar
o Soulforce Trinkets are locked by VIP level again.
o players are unable to enter the cross server from Sea of Oblivion, Eclipse Hollow, or Winter Heights.
o opening up the map the first time, the map will appear as blank. Zooming out fixes this.
o Vengeance event map markers are temporarily missing, but the events can still be completed as normal.
o The new Soul Perfusion quest states that “Demon Lord’s Scent” is a requirement to enter the event through the guild base. The name of the buff is actually “Devil Breath” and is automatically granted to any player who takes part in killing the World Bosses which start the quest.

- God of Retribution:
o Due to localization inconsistencies, there are references to the God of Renaissance, and the Deceiver. Both are functionally equivalent to the new God of Retribution (available in Era of Awakening)
o The Deceiver Envoy functions as the Envoy for the God of Retribution. All Envoy functions for Apotheosis for the new God should be handled with the Deceiver Envoy
o The God of Retribution’s skill #3, Cruel Law, is missing it’s tooltip. A description of the Skill can still be found under God of Retribution > God Skill in the Apotheosis menu

- New Attribute: Block
o Block does not currently have floating combat text, but is still displayed in the Combat chat channel

- New Zone: Ever Abyss
o Localization will either display Dark Abyss or Ever Abyss as the new zone name, they are the same location
o Some gathering profession nodes on the south side of the map may be blocked by invisible collision
o Some item-pickups for the quest “Broken Weapon” are stuck in collision, but all pickups have a short respawn timer.
o Child of Light and Child of Dark have untranslated names

- New System: Elemental Relics
o The Elemental Relic Operations skill is given to all players after completing new story quests. The skill can be found in the Basic skill tab after acquiring it, but currently does not have an icon.
o Elemental Relic Guardian - Heart of Miracle is missing his text describing the Elemental Relic System and how to use it. (Do not despair, after the patch hits, tomorrow morning, I will be posting a guide so that you guys will not be lost.)
o When Elemental Relic Operations is acquired, players are given a choice between two “starter” relics. These two relics have names that are not properly translated, but their types and other statistics are translated. “Sharpness” type relics focus on offense, while “Toughness” type relics focus on defense.

- New System: Awakening
o Players who complete the new Awakening story quests will have the choice of either Light or Dark to empower some of their abilities. The new skill upgrades require a new Reputation score to unlock, “Kind/Kindness” for Light, and “Evil/Cruelty” for Dark. These Reputation scores can be found under Personal in the Reputation menu.
o New skills are available for characters level 90 and above. Each class has a new Epic skill in their Primary Skill menu. The upgrade dialogue for these skills have untranslated text. The untranslated Requirements is referencing the character level needed to upgrade the skill.

- New Instance: Temple of Disciples
o Defeating the first boss will give all party members an item required to reach the second boss. There is no obvious indicator this has occurred, but it can easily be found in the character inventory. Only one of these items is required for the whole party to progress.
o The second boss battle involves monsters with untranslated names. You can check the boss’ health and buff/debuff bar to differentiate which is which.

- Guilds
o Items from the guild auction house will not have a message when attached to mail. Players can still receive their items at the mailbox.
o Guild Auctioneer and Materials Master NPC’s are not yet added to the list of NPC’s on the guild-base map.
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  • shadrimshadrim Posts: 1,040 Arc User
    It is interesting that you provided information that should be in the patch notes as it seems. :)

    However, if this really comes to happen:

    "- New System: Awakening
    o Players who complete the new Awakening story quests will have the choice of either Light or Dark to empower some of their abilities. The new skill upgrades require a new Reputation score to unlock, “Kind/Kindness” for Light, and “Evil/Cruelty” for Dark. These Reputation scores can be found under Personal in the Reputation menu."

    Players will be unable to receive said reputation points as the quests (along with the respective NPC) to gather the points have never been transplanted from FH over to the citadel so if the info is correct we are in the funny situation to have found an issue even before the patch goes live. ;)

    Sad to see that the FA and Trinket issue is happening again as expected. Even sadder that expected issues cannot be prevented.
    Who is this "general failure" and why is he reading my disc ?[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]
  • knightofwar123knightofwar123 Posts: 28 Arc User
    Been killing them for 5mins and nothing has drop at all.

  • eberg33keberg33k Posts: 772 Arc User
    edited January 2016
    New Tormentor skill, Inferno Sacrifice, crashes my client every time I use it. Haven't tried other classes yet.

    Catapults in Winter Height crash me too. They have the same "target an area" aoe setup so that might be what's crashing me.
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  • fanzapheetfanzapheet Posts: 30 Arc User
    Blood Vamp Talent:
    Talent Blood Curse was not replaced with the talent Blood Surge. Reason I know is this. When I put a point (or max) on talent Blood Curse, I cannot put point on the talent Cold Vein, which is a talent (supposedly) that upgrades the Blood Surge skill. Also, blood curse doesn't do anything.
  • vamp; new skill is chinese: http://i.imgur.com/uapa8yS.jpg
    war; lethal lightning and lightning mastery didn't swap places in ele tree

  • allhaildoitsuallhaildoitsu Posts: 1 New User
    All four of my Demons are having style issues :( 3 of them have changed horns, all 4 of them have changed hairstyles from what I had last night. I assume this is a bug, please fix it T_T
  • livefirelivefire Posts: 28 Arc User
    edited January 2016
    Game client just outright freezes and dies when trying to resize a windowed client. Same monitor or not doesn't matter.

    Though I did want to put out a big thank you for increasing stack sizes on flutes, potions, ToF, and I'm sure some other things. Bag space is always nice to have. And I'm putting this here as I'm sure people will eventually see it.
    Post edited by livefire on
  • sirjirsirjir Posts: 114 Arc User
    Ever since the patch when I realm hop or go to a new zone I'll randomly disconnect. Instance, teleports, everything. Happened about 40 times now. Not sure why. Anyone else having this?
    Iolar - Level 100 Assassin of Lionheart's Avatar

  • kelemkelemkelemkelem Posts: 32 Arc User
    something than never happen before like geting dc when u queue for an instance, or runing that instance n get random dc, is what i saw in this hours doing stuff on the game, happen to me too also, is not my internet because i also on in another games, some ppl even got dc just because they change realms lol... is this something to be expect to happen for a few days?
  • bloodreaperfwbloodreaperfw Posts: 79 Arc User
    Experiencing the same thing, but on 1 character only, my others toons aren't dcing, and my net is fine.
    Level 100 BloodWind
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  • amarantosamarantos Posts: 3,067 Arc User
    put my char in breeze valley to afk train at rep npc (im at work) and it keeps getting dced with the abnormal status msg thing. first dc also had a popup saying it didnt update properly but had no issues with the patching...
  • vezuviusking#4068 vezuviusking Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited January 2016
    When the buggs will be fixed??? And what about the soulforce i have it before patch now i cant use ????
  • blazderblazder Posts: 295 Arc User

    When the buggs will be fixed??? And what about the soulforce i have it before patch now i cant use ????

    The soulforce trinket breaks legit EVERY update. It was even listed as a known issue before the patch even got delayed the first time i believe. But yea, sit and wait for that "hotfix" that can take up to months. It usually get fixed before FA though, think last time npc poofed away for close to half a year. Hope you all stocked up on them!
  • bluebayoubluebayou Posts: 15 Arc User
    All we like to know is when those known issue will be fixed . will it be an permanent issue ?
  • amarantosamarantos Posts: 3,067 Arc User
    edited January 2016
    per the patch notes having 85 nature for ele war increases base damage of thunder slash by 50%, hovering mouse over 85 nature thunder slash just says 'error descript xxxx' i dont remember the number. damage increase is reflected in the actual skill tooltip though.

    also seconded lethal lightning and lightning mystery are not swapped for ele war.
  • dfutyut3dfutyut3 Posts: 20 Arc User
    I think Winter Heights may be broken. I did two different quests there. One gave 2 points towards the rep and the other only gave 3 points towards the rep. Is it really that little for each quests in Winter Heights? Does not seem like it should be. I also was only able to do them only once. No more than that.
  • My Fragrance of Dreams mount shrank :<
  • nragedrainnragedrain Posts: 113 Arc User
    Patch arrived and we somehow cannot pvp eachother anymore in Crucible.
    And thats just Crucible... We haven't even gone through Lost City yet to see if they messed this up anywhere else.
    PvP hardly is what it used to be, this has to be fixed cause now its all "kum-ba-ya"
    and even if we do lose this is just very disappointing.
  • eberg33keberg33k Posts: 772 Arc User
    difficulty selection in RCI expert is messed up. We picked easy and got hard, we picked hard and got hard. 5 attempts and the easy mode is a lie.

    Also, "pic"ked is censored in game and its annoying..
  • morsaeternamorsaeterna Posts: 720 Arc User
    Can someone tell me what does each relic add in stats? I see that one is for attack and the other is defense but what stats do they exactly give? accu,eva crit etc..?
  • thenamesdominothenamesdomino Posts: 1,679 Arc User
    We will be putting up a comprehensive guide to get you started on Elemental relics later today
  • Henry gives no dedi for quests and luck/DOs/POs only give 1 dedi per.... how are we supposed to get 240 per week now?
  • mhmitsmemhmitsme Posts: 83 Arc User
    there is no Frostgate Fjord for lv90+ players? how i suppose to upgrade my rings now?
    ING: Piotoru
    Guild: NewOrder
    Member since: 07/27/2011
  • morsaeternamorsaeterna Posts: 720 Arc User
    Divine lights description says that i should heal 8221-9078 points and yet i heal 7400 points (+-300). Can someone explain me what is this maddness?
  • stew6757stew6757 Posts: 69 Arc User
    In the SP tree for Nyos'/Dyos' Withstand, the tool-tip says that it adds 1% base attack, but in actuality, it adds 1% base defence.
  • balddenbaldden Posts: 2 Arc User
    Used to be able to cast Concerto of Life. I am a level 90 Light Bard. Now tells me that Dyos Skill has not been activated.
  • azariel13azariel13 Posts: 72 Arc User
    baldden said:

    Used to be able to cast Concerto of Life. I am a level 90 Light Bard. Now tells me that Dyos Skill has not been activated.

    This isn't a glitch, you have to have Holy Light Melody on to cast it now, otherwise it should be working fine.
  • warzheuz#4282 warzheuz Posts: 1 Arc User
    All my characters are gone, need help please. Thank you..
  • thenamesdominothenamesdomino Posts: 1,679 Arc User
    @warzheuz what server are you trying to log into?
  • amarantosamarantos Posts: 3,067 Arc User
    no description on priest dark angelic harmony awakening, so cant pick one til you know unless you yolo....

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