Mega crash?

Been having high ping/lag during the day and now everyone (at least 7-8 ppl i know) dcd after a huge lagspike and cant get back in (illyfue)
wats dissssss ._.


  • galadhwen23
    galadhwen23 Posts: 190 Arc User
    nvm it did let me in now, we will see for how long xD
  • kuukami
    kuukami Posts: 166 Arc User
    On Illyfue, btw.

    Most of my guild was frozen then d/c'd; when we tried to force log we received messages that the account was logged in and locked. Most of us have been able to re-log in last 5 mins or so.
  • witamin1907
    witamin1907 Posts: 52 Arc User
    and i think 5min rollback happened or more
  • thenamesdomino
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    So we're looking at the server data yeah there was an event that kicked everyone off of Illyfue. We're looking into the cause. As for the roll back, We did not do one, our suspicion is that you were disconnected during those 5 minutes and because of data caching the system did not kick you right away. So everything you did during that time was not being picked up by the system.
  • evaldos
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    edited January 2016
    Anyone else cant open arc? It attempts to update but then gives the message "Arc has encountered an error while updating. Please try again." I have tried logging in with steam which I can do but it only stays connected for a few mins then dc.

    PS. Im trying verifying the files on arc to see if that works :(
  • hal2010
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    I got disconnected this morning and a window open and told me that there was a new version of arc and it needed to close it to update it but then it got updated and then arc reappear.I click forsaken world and the rest was like usual.