About twin boss weapons.

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Ok so I know they are meant to be really hard to obtain. I understand that. It's mostly about playing with your guild and so on. But what if you want to be in a smaller guild with a few of your friends. It in theory means you cannot obtain the twin boss weapon...unless someone decides to sell their, which pretty much never happens.
It's even harder with the new items (Icechill hearts). Like me personally, I am ready to spend money if envoy spirits come back and already did quite a lot too, but was never lucky with it. Isn't it just possible to directly add the Icechill hearts to the cash shop for a significant amount of leaves? I am quite sure MANY people would purchese those.
That's just a suggestion to Domino and the team they could consider.... :)


  • fwooshe
    fwooshe Posts: 72 Arc User
    they put orbs with super high chance compared to the weapon in the cash shop. I dont understand why would it be a problem to get one for the weapon too. Your sarcasm is not appreciated at all. I am sure you have the ability to farm the bosses and get your weapon, but others do not. It's only fair to give a chance to everybody to get what they want to get.
  • jonnyisland1
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    got a better suggestion then? ;)
  • nickvv
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    I think complaining about this is the most useless thing you can do...

    Like 3 years ago ny friends and i made a party of 6 and took a sj boss for ourselves, not guild related. Raids came in the picture and we expanded, recruiting friends and people we play with often.

    Now we are a raid of 40 people holding a boss with 0 ties to a guild.

    Morale of the story, stop being lazy.
  • amarantos
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    asking them to put certain items in boutique for a set large leaf amount will get you the same response as the people who asked for mounts/pets to be put in for set amounts instead of in orbs.

    hint: the answer is no
  • chiffoncake
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    Spending promo up, Envoy's orb is there, you just need as many as alts you have to collect them, good luck xD
  • winterhollow
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    well these rewards are bad, 800 leafs nowdays is 8d so u will be spending 8d to get 3d + a chance of some lil extra gold from poly orbs + misc stuff, u will have to get lucky on each char to even get even from this spending promo.