Santa's Helpers are on the Loose! Find them!

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Tucked away atop Winter Heights is a special place. A little workshop nestled cozily in the mouth of a cave. Inside this shop, a Master Craftsman and his little helpers toil away happily crating the most magical toys for all the good little boys and girls of Eyrda… That was, until today.

Old Nicholas the toy maker awoke as he always did, having his mornings cocoa, dressing and ready for another wonderful day (they had so very little time now) of preparing the last of the presents for all the children.

Arriving early (like he always did), he was stopped in his tracks. Tiny little footprints in the sawdust lightly powdering the floor were everywhere. The shop was silent. There was a note…

“Dear Nicholas,

We helpers are a bit tired from all the toil. All work and no play makes Helpers rather Haughty. So let’s play a little game.

We’ve decided to journey across Eyrda to see what we can see… We’ll come back and finish the toys, but you have to find us first.

Yours Truly,

Little_Helper – Lionheart Server (Realm 9)
Little_Helper_ - Storm Legion Server (Realm 9)
_Little_Helper - Eyrda Server (Realm 9)
_LittleHelper - Illyfue Server (Realm 9)
LittleHelper_ - Nyos Server (Realm 9)”

Nicholas felt he was at his wits end… He was old, frail, Out of Shape! How could HE possibly find the strength to venture across Eyrda an locate his Helpers? He had only one option… Break the 4th wall.

“You there reading this tale! Yes you! Would you be so kind as to help an old toymaker find his Little Helpers? Their names and servers are listed above, they do love playing Hide and Go Seek, but the Holidays are upon us and we’re running out of time! You will help me? Good! Here’s what you need to know…

My Helpers are crafty and mischievous, they will appear randomly in each of their servers from 12/21/15 through 12/24/15.

When they hide, they will announce their presence in World Chat. They could be ANYWHERE, but they will give a single clue as to where they might be.

From there, it’s up to you to find them.

The first three people to find the Helper will receive a code for a special Holiday Themed Pet Stone!

Each time they start a Hide and Go Seek session, they will hide in 5 different locations per server. There will be 2-3 sessions per day depending on just how frisky they feel. Sessions can begin at any time so be ready.

Players who have found my helpers and won a Pet Stone are only eligible for one stone for this event. They may still play however, but if they find the helpers again, they will receive a code for 10 Pet Essences.

Oh do be a dear and help this poor old toymaker!”

Nicholas, resigned to his favorite chair to wait until his Helpers were found and returned to the shop. Until then, he had his cocoa, his Holiday Roast, and some good old Dr. Phil playing on the TV.


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    Please be sure to not let the Helpers add people to their Friends List as this tells a general location and which realm the player is on. Also, if they have GM capabilities, if there's a way to, keep them off of the Nearby Players search on the Party Menu, it makes it rather easy for people to just open that menu and fly around until they show up on it.

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    where do we get that code and when?
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