Has anyone made a guild managment program or php site?

nyt2 Posts: 3 Arc User
Basically what I am looking for is a program that you can keep and manage a list of your guild members and keep track of thier contributaion so see if they have been active or not.

I know this is not a new idea, so was thinking someone may have already did the work for this or at least started. I do not want to re-invent the wheel if its already been done. If this has not been done already, then the next question would be. Would guild leads be interested in something like this?


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  • thenamesdomino
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    there's plenty of websites that some of the Bigger guilds have set up to manage membership, sign up for raids/instances and for general communications hubs. Ask around to some of the guild leads, they can help.


  • banjankly
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    make screenshots and compare them regular ;)
  • conterkiller
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    Paint and Excel..


  • bamfsennui
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    Like everyone was saying above. Use a Google spreadsheet etc or something. There are no add-ons for FW so you can't set up anything to link your guild to something to update automatically.