Dimensional wars

fwooshe Posts: 72 Arc User
Is there any word or news on when Dimensional wars will be fixed? It would be rlly nice to have some fun there, I feel like it could have the potentional of an awesome event, but right now it's just a snoozefest with alts for Seraphic fluxes and Soulpower...


  • jonnyisland1
    jonnyisland1 Posts: 50 Arc User
    Fix it!!! Its up since months now and you just brought more orbs and new cs items into game kinda. Some little patches in between...
  • chiffoncake
    chiffoncake Posts: 359 Arc User
    Dont fix it...no monthy alts login orbs, so leveling alts to lv85 for free afk chests $$$ (LOL)