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Lv100 Patch Notes

raven009xraven009x Posts: 22 Arc User
edited November 2015 in Assassin Discussion
:'( in lv 100 patch all class are improved..... and sin will get only:
a) General Skills:
i. Assassinate: Base damage increased by 40%.
ii. Pets aggroed on stealthed assassins will be forcibly recalled.

b) Venom:
i. Mysterious Spike: Each level increases the bonus damage of Assassinate by 6%.
ii. Killer of Darkness: Each level increases mastery by 15.
iii. Dual Stings: Each level increases the chance by 10%.

c) Edge:
i. Final Seal: Each level reduces attack by 40.
ii. Keen Eye: Each level increases mastery by 15.
iii. agitation block: revised to 10% per level.
iv. Seal Thorn: Each level increases the bonus damage of Assassinate by 6%.

assassinate bonus damage? I've never used this skill :(


  • kquickkquick Posts: 17 Arc User
    How about Forsaken World Fix your stupid bugs in the game instead of adding more bugs to the game. You think problems fix more problems lmao keep losing more people to pointless upgrades and how about you work on the dark assassin class. Oh wait that is right you never do sorry i posted this in the wrong forum i should of posted it in the priest section or a different game maybe it might get more help. Do your job for once and fix it and stop being so lazy. I've never seen a worse update in my life let alone the fact that dark assassin can't role for Evasion that doesn't make any since fix your % on roles for it and if you dont know how to do it hire someone who does.
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