For the next CS sale!

sobe25 Posts: 166 Arc User
Domino, can we get the star crystals on sale again sometime soon? My girlfriend has made it very clear that we can't have my survival marathon of Don't Starve Together till her alt has full 12/12s. :neutral:

So, one man to another, help me make this happen faster lol.
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  • bamfsennui
    bamfsennui Posts: 67 Arc User
    oo, This is also beneficial for the non-CSers if you include the individual SCs for SL again. Many people I know are stocking up and hoping. Toss in some more of the Refines in an orb to get your profit off it. I rhymed!​​

  • chiffoncake
    chiffoncake Posts: 359 Arc User
    Or...Envoy's orb comes with Mercury pack promo that will give us plenty SL, soul gold and other goodies xD