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I would like to know if i am supposed to get a VIP card or anything else from being on for 120 days, then why does it always change back every week to day one when i log in. I have been on for quite a while and don't understand why it changes back to day 1 of log in when i have had up to 29 days before, but it doesn't continue my log in days so i can reach 120 days to get the VIP card. Please let me know if you can. Thank you.


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    Check ins at Henry give more exp each time it increases and resets after 29 consecutive days. There is also a 3 day exp and soul gold boost that will reset to 1 if you miss a day. The 120 days you are talking about are total logins on that toon itself and is a 1 time use thing.
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  • danmt
    danmt Posts: 26 Arc User
    do they kee[ track of your log in days and give you the reward after your 120 days of log in? Plwase let me know. Thank you.
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    Under the "Devotion" tab in Shylia Market is where you'll find the rewards for total days logged. The daily log in that you see in red when you check in resets even if you log in every day.
  • danmt
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    Since they reset my days every week, how can i get 120 days log in's when they do that?
  • hits4hire
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    The rewards are based on nothing more than the amount of days you've played the game, not the amount of total consecutive days you've played. The message you are referring to about the login days, while somewhat being tied into devotion, is something completely separate and will not reset your accumulated devotion.
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    You will still receive the reward once you've logged on 120 days. As stated before, the red text you see telling your consecutive login is a separate thing for the check-in quest.

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