Otis Mount Box Contains?

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Dont *think* I see a post about this in the search, but Otis has the 15card mount box. I was wondering what all is in it? The box used to have a list of like 10-20 mounts you *might* get plus the dye when you hovered over it, But now it doesnt list anything. I know the jellyfish mount is or was in it, along with racial mounts, hadlik *i think* and tyranex, but I was wondering if anyone had a more complete list? Tysm in advance :D


  • bleaghgh
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    It contains Dissapointment. Lots of it.
  • chibiwolf6
    chibiwolf6 Posts: 197 Arc User
    xD I know nine times outta ten you'll get dye packs, but you never know, you may get that one outta ten so i was just wondering xD
  • ichibantheleader
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    I think one of the other mounts was a Jubilee, and I think an Aethon might be in there too.
  • arcupie
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    bleaghgh said:

    It contains Dissapointment. Lots of it.

    lol...too true

  • hits4hire
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    These are the possible drops from the mount box:

    Swift Dwarf Horse
    Mech Leaper Type I
    Thunderroll Rhino
    Soul Swallower
    Ridge Beast
    Lightning Charger
    Mech Leaper Type II
    Virtuous Steed
    Obsidian Rhino
    Hell Blazer
    Ridge Chief
    Dwarftech Skyracer RS
    Aepelian Steed
    Ancient Blood
    Magikraft Crystal
    Blue Dye Orb
    Brown Dye Orb
    Green Dye Orb
    Grey Dye Orb
    Orange Dye Orb
    Pink Dye Orb
    Purple Dye Orb
    Red Dye Orb
    White Dye Orb
    Yellow Dye Orb
  • chibiwolf6
    chibiwolf6 Posts: 197 Arc User
    Ty guys ^.^ I usually just get racials or dyes but the full list makes me kinda hopeful, maybe. lol