Why do I start with minus 16,000,000,000? Just re-entered the game char is 80

gholarian Posts: 5 Arc User
I have just re-entered the game after a 2 year break. Why does my char start of with -16,000,000,000?


  • o0omessyo0o
    o0omessyo0o Posts: 31 Arc User
    the max level has changed to lvl 90 then gonna change again to lvl 100 in the future
  • gholarian
    gholarian Posts: 5 Arc User
    Sorry, but how is that answering my question?
  • endless013
    endless013 Posts: 236 Arc User
    that's probably the best answer you can get with so little info, I would have guessed you mean XP too but I don't know you could mean SP, or Apoth or Rep, Luck, Merc, maybe even you mean Taco's.
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