Talent Trees and Skill Boxes.

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Hello Forsaken World community

I want to ask something about Talent Trees. My char is Kindred Vampire. Kindred Vampire has 3 talent trees such as "Blood", "Dark", "Inferno". I want to mastered Dark talent tree. But something make me confuse. So the questions are like these bellow:
1. Do I have to mastered those 3 talent trees. (I believe it't not necessary)
2. I want to mastered Dark talent tree. But why there is blood skill in Dark talent tree and dark skill in Blood talent tree?
3. How to spent my current talent points to Dark talent tree wisely? Do I have to spent one of my talent points to other talent tree??.
4. Skill Boxes. How to use them properly? bcse I don't know how to use them. There is picture that I attach

[img] http://postimg.org/image/9h711u8ux/ [/img]

As you can see, there are 2 skill boxes one is in bottom and the other is in the right side. There are 3 levels of boxes right?What they are used for? How to use them properly?? If u confuse what I ask, u can ask me again... I hope someone can answer my problem.


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    use 1 skill tree (dark if u want), how to distribute the points for best result? idk, try an online search (google)
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    here good link to do calculation on skills you can use http://fwcalc.com/
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    Thanks for the info for Talent calculator. But my current question is the boxes that I mention about. How to use them properly. What the boxes purpose??? can any1 anwer??
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    Just pull whatever you want in there (skills, mount, potions, whatever). They won't fill by themselfes but have to be filled by you. You might want to fill the bottom one with stuff you use often and the right one with stuff you don't use so often but don't want to open bag/skillbook for if you need it.​​
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    Apologies in advance for the wall of text....

    1. You don't get enough skill points to master all 3 talent trees. Generally people choose 1 tree (ie Dark)
    to master and use all their skill points in that tree.
    It is possible to put points in other trees, but that may mean you don't have enough points left to
    get the skills at the bottom of your main tree.

    2. As all 3 trees (Blood, Dark, Inferno) are Vampires, they have some skills in common. But the way you
    use your talent points, alters the skill and each tree has a particular focus (healing, damage dealing etc).
    ie. a Blood vamp can put talent points in to increase their healing abilities, whereas on another tree it
    may not be possible to put points into that skill (or the points will give a different effect), so as a
    Dark Vampire you retain the basic ability to heal but it will never be your 'main' skill.

    3. You don't have to put ANY points into the other trees. If you want to be a 'pure' Dark Vampire that is
    fine. You only get 71 talent points to spend in total, so you need to be choosey where you use them.
    You can use the Talent Calculator previously linked to work out where to put your points before you
    commit yourself in game.

    4. If I've understood the question correctly, going by the picture you linked....
    At the bottom right is a box for 'Talent Points' - this shows the amount of talent points that are
    currently available to use. (you will get more points as you level up your character)
    At the top of each tree (in green on your picture) the number is the total number of points you
    currently have in the tree below. So your picture shows that you have 1 point used on the Dark tree
    and 6 points still available to use.

    General info- You can only put points into the skills that are highlighted on your tree. Some skills
    need you to be a higher level before you can put points into them and some skills, as you go down the
    tree, need a certain amount of points in a 'linked' skill first (you will see some skills on your picture that
    are joined by arrows to show that they are linked).

    The 'Talent Compass' is available in game (you will get a couple free as you level up) this allows you to
    reset your points and put them in different places, if you later feel that you've made a mistake.

    Hope this is some help XD

  • vilikrie1
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    each skill box has 2 numbers below it to show how many points you can use in that skill (right)
    and how many points you currently have on that skill (left)