BR skills bugged? Blood Blast and Brawler's Hert

When I use Blood Blast, Brawler's Heart cannot use it right after, vice-versa, it has to wait until one of the duration end, cannot both buffs up together, is it a bug or suppose to be that way? I could have both up at the same time pre-patch.


  • conterkiller
    conterkiller Posts: 2,479 Arc User
    yeaah they nerfed it.. u cant use both together anymore.. pretty lame!!

  • knightofwar123
    knightofwar123 Posts: 28 Arc User
    on CN server if you were Kindred you could use both buffs + LoS and/or LG and have insane HP. Then use Vampire Kiss to 1 shot a target easily, coz 15% of your max HP.
  • chiffoncake
    chiffoncake Posts: 359 Arc User
    Q_Q thank you for the answer.