My friend Elfie had started playing this game. She was playing a Vampire a few months back called Doom-Elf.

I have some very sad news, She died a few weeks ago. I miss her terribly.

She will always be My Elfie.



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    Rest in peace
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    My condolences. It's a sad part of life, trust me I've had my fill. Is always best to remember the good times, is there anything you are planning to do to honor her? Let me know and perhaps we might be able to assist in some way. Be strong, you have a whole community here to lend support.
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    Thank you domino and everyone for the comments. Elfie had played Shayia and Regnum for a few years. Most people left Shayia now so will take some time for news to get to people. In Regnum they will keep her guild name in memory. She had not played this game long, she told me she was a 79 vampire and was about to start pvp, but I dont know how much farther she got. She loved her Vampire. I had a character here but sadly I didnt have time to get on here and play with her. Regrets regrets regrest.

    She was a burst of energy. Fiesty but with a heart she sometimes laid bare for her friends who she protect all she could.

    She would be honoured by your comments here.

    I find there is whole in my life now. You never know what you have to its gone. Take care of your friends, never be affraid to hug them, never, never.
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    I was a GS for Etain back before server merges in Shaiya and still maintain a Facebook Group that current and old players use. Sadly we've lost a few of the old Shaiya crew. If you'd like to join the group (Shaiya Etain Server) and make a post, please do. If you'd rather not join a new group I could make a post for you as well.

    Non-gamers have a rough time understanding how we can get upset over anything to do with "those online people". But "those online people" are our friends and family. I've lost a number of my gaming friends and it hurts just as much as when I lose a family member, even years later. Much love to you right now. <3​​

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    Thanks for all the comments. I joined the shaya group and made a post there. My name there Cill Lantern.
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    I posted a comment on your profile page. If you can respond to it or PM me in private we would appreciate it.