Room 50 in depths down, and the reward for achieving the hardest PvE goal is...............

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First tho...


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    Congratulations :smiley:
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    Let's all be honest here. You didn't kill anything, that demonic bunny behind you did.

    Also grats.
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    not even a cool title? :/
  • nickvv
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    Nada, in the screen is all rewards, i got 0 acclaim for it but back in the day you got a title and khnum box for killing khnum with 0 acclaim as well. perhaps if i do normal he to 50 later this week airshi gives a rreward quest of some sorts but i doubt it. Kind of disappointing that the only reward is the right to brag... Without title..
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    I need to check with the devs and the CN CM, but to my knowledge currently no CN players have yet to beat HRD... It is entirely possible that you might just be the first... Not only Here, but in the game.
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    Well that explains why sins keep getting buffed.. CN just doesn't know how to play their sins properly lol. Grats on beating 50 though.
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    I smell a personal title for the first slayer of "the world" rofl
    gratz VS :dizzy:
    Dont worry, be happy
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    Grats! :open_mouth:
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    lol no plenty of cn people have beaten hrd...iirc someone once said vamp was the first class to beat it

    no offense but your knowledge has been proven to be incorrect on many occasions, quite irresponsible to dangle such a tease :D

    edit: do a forum search look at the "hrd antiqq thread" and you will see on first page it was actually ilikebigguns who stated vamp has already cleared 50 on cn...
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    Hmmm.. yeeah.. CN has lv100 cap already too with higher lvl champ gear, etc etc.. its too easy for them now..

  • nickvv
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    Maybe the rewards came with the 100 cap x.x
  • madjen
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    Gratzzzzzzzzzzz VS! :)
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    Gratz, I wasn't expecting anyone to be able to beat HRD until 100 patch. Quite impressive.
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    Big grats :)
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    Congrats mr velvetstriker
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    Nice and grats ! You are a monster =)
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    Gratz! Now we can follow your stat setup...
  • nickvv
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    As requested in my pm and above:

    Boss rooms: edge build, runes for thrust of pain, dark damge and including intensified agression rune. Dyos with 75 fervor.

    Mob rooms 90 nature venom (pvp rune talents) on Nyos tree.

    Lv100 dark mas and lv90 phys mas with critbuild champgear and lv90 zod wep, 1 golden crit dmg ring in accesoires.

    And a granite prot alt with approx 6k def for buffing purposes.
  • haffnium
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    Confirmed. :sunglasses:

    I hoped that it was buggy because of zero points, when Velvet did it, but it wasn't. :'(

    To be honest, yes I got some crit prayer, R47 was still harder than R50 but I won't need that much longer to beat R47 w/o prayer, too... R50 went down easily but received up to 24k hits with 6k def :open_mouth:

    My stats: (buffed stats with potions)
    - Full wind bard, no true sonata/solo of light or else op stuff, no golden accessories yet, 91 nature energy on Nyos
    - 120k (~140k) HP
    - 3,3k (~6k) Def
    - 13,1-13,6k (20,8-21,5k) ATK
    - 53% (66%) critrate
    - 574,25% (607,25%) critdmg
    - 1210 (1747) wind masteries (~1,1k light/water) [lv90 wind, lv61 water/light]
    - 560 pve intensity

    Just to avoid this question for later o:)

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    Gratz haffy :D now lets wait for our reward for being special (maybe it will come when US server can beat it?)
  • divinityscarlet
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    Congrats Haffs! Was certain you would show up here soon enough :)