30 Mercs with Login Rewards



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    I lost my hope to learn you what inflation is and how anything will be more expensive. It is easier to explain that to a wall, at least it has nothing to comment.
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    the prices are inflated now there's no question about it. But as with all things if you're patient you can get it cheap. Again, it's also economic fact supply vs demand. If you want to pay the inflated prices then go right ahead. If you are willing to wait and pay what it's worth then your gold goes further. I've watched a fllawless mm rune drop from 15d to 10d in 3 days. I've watched ele gear go from 5d per piece to 2 d in a month. Just cos you have it in your pocket doesn't mean you need to spend it right away.
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    Yep, sure remove the obvious gold from rewards, add more ocean orbs and polystone orbs to rewards right? Obviously they don't get you more gold overall than these MS statuettes? Lets have example:

    This month I made 280D from MS statues. The previous login month when ocean orbs were given out I made 320D from them and had less chars, yup the entire economy is melting down. Find your nearest Fallout shelters!!! Economy is gonna blow up!

    I gained 90d from this event, and I still don't think we should keep getting it.
    Ofcourse you don't you have ur lvl 3 wings, 90 mastery, giving other people to improve their chars closer to yours isnt going hinder ur gameplay at all right?

    Dunno why some of these people are so scared of competition, perhaps you know deep down you arent as good at the game as you think you are, and once people gear up closer to you and break the status quo, its gonna dent your special egos right?

    And you have the nerves to call others "greedy" ROFLMAO!!!
    this guys...

    Here's my final post to all the people qqing still:

    This is a game. A closed environment easily controlled by GMs. Stop talking out of your asses about economy and balance. This isn't real life economy, so everyone shut the fck up about trying to tell someone who retired at 27 to play video games about money and economy balance.

    All I see is dumb kids crying because others are getting richer and they can't control it anymore.

    Go see how the game is in CN, they have maxed chars, 100x the population, why, because not only do they have stuff for soul leafs and cheaper but getting gold in game and from outside is a LOT easier. We can't get that without Wanmei's permission, so the only way to balance that huge differences in the game is for our GMs to give stuff out for free to help us. If you are too blind and tunnel visioned into still thinking the game is the same as it was year ago, then, you need to wake up and take your head out of the sand and see whats actually going on with the game.

    Stop trying to be a GM and stop moaning about every change that happens and go reap the benefits.

    You cant compare CN to NA servers.. for one.. getting leafs there is like 3 times cheaper than here.. so what u get here for 1k$.. u get 3 times or more there.. hence why leafs are so common there.. and why the CS items are a lot more expensive.. except the merc stats.. which are also 20 leaf..

    yah.. the people that are pointing facts and talking are the "dumb kids" but not the guy that all he is trying to do is brag about.. anything.. RL or ingame.. and insult everyone else that has a different opinion.. which in this case is pretty much everyone except you.. rofl

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    *Sigh* this thread... people still comparing how much more gold they made selling the stuff they got from ocean orbs vs how much gold they got with mercs still ignoring the fact that no one here is complaning about people making gold, and getting a chance to improve their characters etc etc.
    Its like 3 -4 people actually understood the point and can see the problem everyone else is just like:
    "Ohh you qq cuz you didnt make enough gold"
    "Ohh you qq cuz you are a cser and dont like other ppl having gold"
    "you just dont want other people to get up to your lvl, you dont like competition"

    I just... *sigh*
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    I would not worry about inflation too much. A lot of this gold is going to get eaten by the game's various gold sinks anyway. Fusion agents, Mastery/resists, rune combination costs, ect. It'll just take a little time to stabilize.
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    I would not worry about inflation too much. A lot of this gold is going to get eaten by the game's various gold sinks anyway. Fusion agents, Mastery/resists, rune combination costs, ect. It'll just take a little time to stabilize.

    The thing is that those gold sinks are not so much of a gold sink anymore, since the introduction of mastery/resist scrolls.. the gold is just gonna go from one hand to another

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    This is what inflation does. Now imagine you are a new player trying to gem your toon and not being able to run fate regularly. Free gold has caused more people to try to finish their gems with the consequences of making the price of gems go way up. Just one example of inflation on Lionheart. Goldsparks are even more expensive ranging from 40-80g for level 1s lol.

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    Do not try to explain anything to adonis about that, he already understands that but he refuses to agree because he is scared he might not do money over exploiting his alts. He is the kind of player who have never been good, under average getting all his money from check in because he is not smart enough to do something else. And now he finally gets some items he never dreamed to have.
    Keep pretending it is a good idea, adonis!!
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    My post's original intent was to get Domino to understand that mercs themselves should not be a reward again. Even if this one time doesn't hurt every server's economy that much.. more of them for free every month would **** over everything.

    Lets all try to move away from personal attacks on others and look at the bigger picture, ok?
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    So, let me tell you a little tale... I'm sure you remember the anniversary event some months back. English speaking servers got these orbs on every toon per account over lv60 for a week. People moaned and QQ about it here and on EU forums about imbalances in pvp between EU english and non-english servers etc and the result was a massivly reduced anniversary event for non-english speaking EU server some weeks later.

    Was it unfair at the time? Well, yes.
    Did it impact the balance between the servers like people thought? No.

    What happened is PWE throwing Ocean orbs on the market and they impacted the balance between players more than these anniversary orbs could ever have done (and the ocean orbs still do by pushing leaf prices to the limit). I'm pretty sure it's similar with these Mercury statuettes. Perhaps you all look at a too big picture. You don't even know if PWE has plans to give out mercs again for a login event or if there even is a new login event at all next month.

    Also, just for comparison... item prices didn't change much on my server.
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    The prices did not change much on your server because only ppl with few alts have opened their orbs. The players with over 400 chars do not have time to open them now, during the event.
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    Yup, you got it down to a tee, know everything about me lol. Ignore the 2k euros i've charged last 2 months alone. But carry on, none of it affects me in the least, my gems now all come from charge rewards, fas from npc, masteries resit from orbs, actually pretty much everything from orbs.

    So besides ignorant.. u are also a hypocrite.. for dissing on CSrs ealier on the thread. while being one yourself? rofl

    And for anyone else, Me greedy? Its called hardwork to obtaining a goal. Maybe some of you all missed my 100% farmed vamp char at endgame now, built entirely by farming - no merchanting or AH - took me 3.5 years.

    EL oh EL!! you are 100% farmed.. but CSd 2k Euros last 2 months "alone"..
    Can you pls stop trying to brag about EVERYTHING?? So far you have bragged about being more skilled.. about being a farmer.. about being a super CSr.. about having more alts than anyone else.. and about being more humble.. lmao

    ..THISSS GUY!!!

    Tiny-Pee-Pee Syndrom, right there!!
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    Least I ain't a convicted game exploiter like you eh, still working on it. When Croxe banned you, should have reset you're account too imo, that would have been fun for everyone.

    Also you seem to not be able to read and understand English too. So kind of pointless trying to debate anything with you, so I wont try. You just carry on crying about stuff, but I'll be here to call you out on all the BS you try and spread.

    I agree with OP, these MS are a waste of time, they should be replaced Polystone Orbs in future login events if we get them. Devirocks are dropping like mad from them, so pls, less MS and more Orbs, cos MS break the economy.

    LOL What? Convicted game exploiter??
    when was i banned from the game from any sort of "exploiting"?
    Talk about making up and spreading BS... lmao

    and i am not able to read and understand english? because as far as i can tell, you could read and understand everything i wrote.. and you replied as well.. how is my english bad? more making up BS.. tyvm

    Well.. at leeast you finally understood the point and agreed that the MS are a bad choice.. guess those few neurons left in your brain finally made contact.. congrats!!!

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