Nightmare Adventure Island & Winter Festival

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I was wondering if these events have been ultimately taken out of the game due to Storm Legion taking over the lands. I don't recall seeing anywhere that these events have met their demise in the game. Perhaps this has been discussed before and i've just missed the discussion, but seeing as we are creeping up on when NAI event would spawn i've just became curious about it.

If these events are to be no more, especially Winter Festival, then we need new achievements added to the game. Taking into account the old instance achievements that are no longer available to new players/alts along with achievements that can no longer be obtained through Winter Festival (if the event is to be no more) it kinda hinders some of us that were still trying to get achievements finished, or at the very least get to a certain number.

Anyways, any official word on what's become of these events?
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  • blazder
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    Well you can access the Winter festival map though the training ground npc in NF SOO maybe well still get that one. Keeping my hopes up!
    I would love to see that one back, i have the worse luck with those footprints, need so many still.
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    It is not only you, i do not know someone who have finished these achievments. I used to get different ones in the first year but after that when i have already some i keep getting the same ones over and over again.
    In my opinion they should make the footprints unbound otherwise it is impossible, unless you spend 10 years doing it and you are very lucky.