Forsaken World Series Continues! Livestream Friday 9/18/15 4pm PDT


"O.O Domino! You scared me!"

Sorry about that my friend, but this afternoon I bring news! Excellent News! Our Forsaken World Series marches on! This week my friends, I will be returning to the battlefield that started our imminent return home! Join me as I survey the wreckage, and help repair our newly re-acquired land, Eclipse Hollow.

It will be a special "Let's Play" of sorts, we have quests to do, mobs to kill and through it all, I'll be showing you some of the hidden gems in our newly freed land! Who knows, maybe you might just learn a thing or two!

Oh yes... I almost forgot... There will be surprises... AND Prizes... The likes of which you've never seen! So come and Join me on Friday 9/18/15 at 4pm PDT on our Official Twitch Channel my friends!

Be There!

The Time: 4-5pm PDT
The Place: Storm Legion (if possible) otherwise, the Lionheart Server
The Twitch:


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