If you had 10 more Talentpoints...

How would you build your Sin tree if you had 10 more talent points to play around with?

Say the Lv100 Patch does actually reach our side of the globe,
reaching lv100 will grant us 10 more talent points to mess around with.
Specially if some talents are obtained with impossible and/or expensive runes.
The Sin Talents my be modified in the future but as of now here are some
few easy examples.

- Increased Shadowbreak Duration with Swift and 4/4 Advanced Shadowprotection
As an Edge you can put talentpoints as far down for Embrace of Death without runes.

- Maxed Seal Thorn / Thrust / Mysterious Spike
You can go as crazy as saving all points as Edge to get all Assassinate damage increase talents including the once at Venom.

- Swift Evasion Cooldown Reduction
Edge Dark hybrid will allow you to get Evasiveness without runes.

- Dark Nightmare cooldown reset as a Edge
If you wanna really go crazy you can invest as far down the Dark tree for "Speed of Darkness" combined with a Rapid Attack build but still far down enough at Edge for "Dust Seal" while still maintaining a healthy Damage output with the points in Edge... infinite silences much hehe.

- Dark / Venom hybrid with increased Critchance
A Dark Sin can actually gain 3% Critchance easier while still maintaining all the Thrust of Pain benefits from Venom.
As well as Phased Action which has very cheeky uses for Heart of Ice and Fire and other PvP situations.

- Venom on Swift?
And probably the most obvious practically any Venom sin can now obtain "Swift Evasion" without needing any runes for it.


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    except there is no extra 10 talent pts from 100 cap, people already seen on cn