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How good are Strength Fortification and Darkness Poison? (Venom Tree)

x0howlingninja0xx0howlingninja0x Posts: 17 Arc User
edited August 2015 in Assassin Discussion
Hello everyone :)
I know this question has already been asked a few times but I'd like to know your opinions regarding these particular talents and their usefulness (PvE perspective only). Are these good or should I invest points in other talents? For Strength Fortification, the damage boost is quite minimal and for Darkness Poison, though it's a 100% chance to apply poison to the target and keep it up easily for the whole fight, the DoT is just around 95-96 points per tick. That's why it is still confusing and am uncertain whether to invest points in these talents or not.

Looking forward to your opinions. Thanks in advance. :)


  • nragedrainnragedrain Posts: 113 Arc User
    Guessing if its PvE as a near full venom, Strenght Fortification is a must have since a lot of talent points can be wasted in talents that really do not give damage nor benefit PvE wise. Like sleep duration reduction / Lurking sting overall and etc.

    Darkness Poison seems good for other reasons not for the DPS it self but it apply's a movement speed reduction. At a higher tier gear of state you probably wouldn't even bother getting this cause the Dps you will have obtained would be already to overwhelming. All I remembered with this was slowing down mobs way back allowing my ranged teammates to have a easier time kiting... as of now PvE wise... the ticks aren't amazing in terms of damage output increase.

    hope that helps
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