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Freedom of Wind

ihealakoihealako Posts: 1 Arc User
edited August 2015 in Assassin Discussion

By any chance does any human sin know what's the diff between lv2 and lv3? 100% chance to reset = Doesn't fail so what does 150% differ from 100%? Been wondering for quite some time... is it a bug? Same cooldown and costs more mana.


  • nragedrainnragedrain Posts: 113 Arc User
    Freedom of Wind grants 50% chance to reset the Dash skill at 1/2
    at 2/2 it resets the dash skill at 100% chance
    but at 3/2 its 150%... aka useless investment.
    3/2 does not grant you anything as a Human Dark sin.

    So reason to why they still have this in the game?
    Remember the Kindred and Lycan versions are different.

    Contract of Blood for Kindreds will grant immunity vs CC
    The more points you have for it, say 3/2, the duration of the immunity is increased.

    Moon Step for Lycans which dispels and grants immunity vs ensnare and slow
    The more points you have for this skill, say 3/2, the duration of it is increased.
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