Pet instance scroll

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They only way of getting them atm is though rep. agents and they are 80 contribution points per scroll, you need 3 just to send the pet to do one journey, that is 240 points per journey.. which is way too much for how little points we get daily. Even if you run a lot of instances... getting 240 is very hard. Most of the instances will give you 2 per party memeber, so lets say if no one dces, you get 10 per run, so that would be 24 runs.. for enough scrolls for ONE journey. I though rca and fate pet journeys were great for people who cant play enough or just cant be on at the time fate open, but truth is you need to play for several hours just to be able to get the scrolls to send the pet... its a bit ridiculous if you ask me.
So just wana know what everyone else thinks about it
And from pwe staff id like to know the chances of getting a solution for that maybe? Maybe putting them in otis for ToF? Or in guild bsae for merit? Maybe a chance from the check in rewards? Pretty sure half of this things cant be done if they are not in china but i dont know! Thoughts?


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    The answer to your question about how to get social contribution is here (Listen while you read further).

    On a serious note, ESEM and Sickle Island gives 10 social contributions per character in your team daily. Furthermore, other instances (Random ones) give (2 x per team mate) social contribution once a day.

    My tip is, do perfume quest (40 social contributions), ESEM (More people, more social contributions), and Sickle Island. ASHM, ToK, and Fissures give 2 social contribution per member in your party at a daily basis. Daily basis means you just can't spam the same instances unlimited times and get social contributions on each run.