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Howdy doody, internet land! Back by popular demand, it's the ye old grand, two-man bandstand of the forsaken lands, here to bring you part two of Radio F-Doo!
With more pew pew than you can shake a stick at, enough yammer and caffeine-laced stammer you'll want to throw a brick at, the men with the digital pen, fist-bumping friends, Domino and Lynn!

On this week's cast we'll be focusing on a new-player's experience, the perspective from a veteran, and as always, questions from the Eyrda gallery.

00:01 --- Intro and yammering
12:21 --- Lynn's new-player experience
23:26 --- Domino's veteran-player experience
42:31 --- Player questions and yammer part 2

<a href="https://soundcloud.com/dubadio/podcast-2-player-experience">https://soundcloud.com/dubadio/podcast-2-player-experience

- The Forsaken World Team
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  • infamous628
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    Happy to see another installment!
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  • lcorndogl
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    I like the bit dom says about riding a llama with a tiara.

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  • sobe25
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    Woo my question got answered, thanks Domino! Also, I think CN was trollin with that "no comment" remark lol.
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  • amarantos
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    now domino understands the need to has all the titles and all the achievements and all the fashions and all the mounts and all the pets hey :#
  • vyadhosblack
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    Love both episodes and looking forward to more... not sure why my sig is so big, I have made it smaller 3 times already :(

  • skylii
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    :) Liked the new Fdub, thank you for explaining about arena gears, been wondering why it comes always so late.
    Heard Dom likes to jump into fight on llama,
    Got my hubby llama for his last b-day

    I'm more scared of his llama than his wings B)

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  • binaryqueen#4116
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    About Bag space... one of the situations as a priest and sin I kept running into is buying a crud load of mana pots but it takes up like 8-9 slots in bag... what about finding somewhere else for it? Kinda like the quest items part of the back which doesnt affect the personal bag space but specifically for mana and health potions/items.... or tell me if it is a rediculous idea xD
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  • rietjuh
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    Goedemorgen Domino and Lin B)

    Another great Podcast!

    You're really putting effort into this game!! :)

    Keep the great work up!

    Tot snel! ;)
  • lminmay
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    Thanks for answering / trying my question Domino + Lin. I think though you missed my point in regards to the differences between CN and Our version; i.e. Runemakers in China available in CS for 6 Soul Leaf compared to our version of 60 Leafs. This was what I was aiming at. As i don't see how any sort of cultural differences would impact something like that.

    Very good callout. We'll take a look at this one and see what we can do :smile:. No promises, but I do like to under-promise and over-deliver :wink:, so we'll see, heheh.


  • dieseldan
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    enjoyed both casts , very good listening , hope this continues
  • realkakashihatak
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    Next PODCast Take a VOTE and Put someone old player who playing FW :D

    I sincere VOTE to MR_INFAMOUS LH Server OP warrior
  • gio#4911
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    me and some friends would appreciate a stream in lost city on lionheart :3 need to learn that new instance :)
    Thx for radio its nice and fun and shows u guys putting the effort in it better than couple years we have got :D

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  • amarantos
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    ooo look the play count is over 500 does that mean nice things ;o
  • protractor#9095
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    Yeah, was listening to this at work today. I think it would be fun to add a new part on the upcoming fdub radio. Where players gets to talk in your show ( dont need to be in the whole show could be just a segment of it). Asking basic questions like where the player name comes from, how long have you been playing. Just basic stuffs about game or point of view about stuffs ingame

    Or maybe not cause a lot hates is comming
  • edira
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    Thank you for the code. onion-29.gif​​
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  • thenamesdomino
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  • wuergmaster
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    Nice too have BIG THX , Demons don't get the mount :( as fyi

    a small tipp for u :)

    Thx 4 translating it into german.
    As we can see in system message there are letters not really shown.
    So do simply use for letters with a doublepoint on top a "e" behind the letter ;)
    e.g.: ü = ue , ö = oe

    btw. XD Radio stays as Radio ( google translater I guess )

    btw 2 GZZZZZZZ to 500 streams + GO GO GO there is space 4 more ;)
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