Arena Score Reset?

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Are we getting it with this maint? I dont see it in the patches notes.
Seriously, if you are not gona reset it, since you already screwed up this season and a bunch of people already have some pieces or a lot of jewels at least tell us we are not getting the score reset so i can stop messing around in arena and start getting my score to catch up with people that got fed for months. Way to ruin arena after making us wait for over year and a half for it.


  • shirayukihime
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    1 maint down- no arena reset, no trinket fix and cs is still a bad word in gc so is censored :p
    Maybe next week.... maybe.... :/
  • freeyaa
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    No score reset. No fusion agents. Check your damn priorities, PWE...​​
    <mean, grumpy b!sh>
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  • jd356
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    I want to know as well: Arena score reset YES AND WHEN or NO?
  • blazder
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    strach wrote: »
    Why do u want to w8 for it and start over just get ur gears and cry more for s4 then.

    I just wana know if/when its getting reset simply coz i dont wana waste the few hours i have to play the game in doing arena to get my score wiped before i can get my gear. I have around 1.3k score atm, cant get enough score before next patch.