Major Divinity Loss after statue change

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Hey, just wondering if a Guild generally loses a lot of Divinity when they change statues or if something strange happened. I don't have screenshots because I didn't think to take them but I've been keeping a spreadsheet of server-wide Guild Divinity rankings and after a Statue change I noticed that, even after a winning Rift, our Guild had dropped by about 30k Divinity points in a week. I haven't seen this with any other guild.

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    Yes you lose a good deal of divinity points when you change statues. The only thing it really effects is what priority your guild will get while opening rift battlefields. It was most likely implemented to prevent guilds from abusing the rift battlefield opening procedures by using guilds to force all their defenses to be open on the same statue in order to lock certain other guilds out of rift.
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    Thanks much Reg. <3 Makes sense.​​