Gloop items

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Since FW put most items in boutique (like anima charm) and orbs, might as well ask to put gloop items in there please xD its slow and long progresss (like not going anywhere), S3 arena is not bring in more games, it should have S4 instead ;(...On the other hand, FF is on the plate, how about we can get gloop in there too or any pvp event counts?


  • conterkiller
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    Gloops from 12s would be soooo much more fun!! and easy!! lmao

  • freeyaa
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    gloops from 12s would prolly be great. it could even encourage all these afk'ers to participate in the fights again (finally fixing the afk debuff would help, too... but we all know how long it takes until bugs are getting fixed here...).

    on the other hand FF has already become 90% brainless base camping (at least on EU x-server). Being able to obtain gloops for kills in 12s definitely won't help with this situation (since, let's be honest, nuking all those feeding lemmings is prolly the easiest way to gather kills).

    all in all it really is a double-edged sword, but I have to agree - since they put all that stuff in orbs and whatnot, they could very well consider this.​​
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