Things we need an answer to NOW

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I think there are some few important points that need to be adressed asap.

1-Arena... arena score wasnt reset as we all know, and its gone be fixed next maint... What about people getting the gear NOW? Are those pieces gona get take away from them? How is that even fair that some people are getting gear with score that wasnt even obtained legit... its not even last season arena score since it got randomly reset at one point. Everyone i know that has high score fed themself it with alts and friends help.

2- FA NPC removed - is this permanent? It wasnt on the patch notes, all i want to know is if it was a mistake, if it was on purpose and if its gona be back.

3- Pearl NPC gone -
We will let you guys know when the NPC is going away. As I said before... no ETA yet.
but still not warming.

Can we get an answer please


  • blazder
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    What is being done with ppl getting arena gear with last season score? Should i go get it? Is it banable? Is it gona get taken away form me? Coz i do have enough score and points for a piece of 2...
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    Dude, they have SO MANY issues to fix right now. Things that usually gets broken after a huge patch and new stuff they couldnt predict would get broken since they dont test their patches before releasing them to live servers. Like adonisdemon24 said, there will surely be no consequences at all for you or anyone that do get pieces with their current arena score. Even if they says there will, there wont be any. History of past minor exploits like this in this game backs me up on that subject.

    Yes, this is an exploit, youre getting gear with points that wasnt intended for it. But since there will be virtually no consequences for doing it-- In the end, its up to you and your concience to decide wether or not you do it.
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    Why does people focuses so much in that?
    lol they're getting 1 or 2 pieces at most.. wtf is a person gonna do with 2 fkin pieces?? lol