Hell Road Rewards still broken for demons

blazder Posts: 295 Arc User
Been very patiente about this but i think im done. Hell road rewards for demons have been broken since march. What kind of joke is this? I dont get a box for being in the top 10, i dont get divine glory badges, i dont get a box for beating room 50. Enough is enough, it was working fine when we first got the update, then you managed to break it and now its been MONTHS and still no fix. Can we get an update on this, something please, come on...


  • demon776977
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    and support don't want to send compensation ...
  • tiberium30
    tiberium30 Posts: 129 Arc User
    My best bet (and take that with a grain of salt) :

    Wont be fixed before the next big patch (in what 6 months if we are lucky). On how they patch this game in the last year, this type of thing dont get fixed alone.
  • endless013
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    it's not unusual for something like this to just never get patched or to be fixed way down the line with a big patch, its like the free ancient blood quest that was never fixed and finally patched out in the latest expansion, or how lycans HR demons didn't work right until very recently. Or Pets have bugged out NC room 2 since day 1 of its opening. Some things are best not to get worked up about, demons don't get god rep badges from HR its ok, we still have day 1 working HR demons and the most good looking lvl's of wings, most races only get 1 or 2. I mean, we do have one of the worst skills in PVE (gathering grudge) but at least we have good DoT... So don't sweat it to hard, maybe they'll fix it.
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