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  • phillian
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    An Arc code definitely could have saved us all a lot of anger and headache. Yeah, the idea was to get us to log in every day for x-number of days, but without knowing for sure if we had to log in using Arc or if it would work without that, or whether only 1 character can be used on each account (I swear that's what it sounded like you said, man) for the duration of this event... well, what should we expect? I can't say I'm honestly surprised this didn't work. Things like this have messed up in the past and will mess up again in the future if nothing is learned from these mistakes.
  • tiberium30
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    Orbs started to show up for some of us.
  • shadrim
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    One toon of my wife got 20 orbs, while having not many logins, spread over several days.

    My daily logged in one toon account has seen nothing so far, neither ingame nor otherwise.

    Rumour has it that the top tier rewards will be sent as a code via email/arc.
    If this is true, how many months do we have to wait until the code arrives and how many microseconds will it be functioning ?

    Any chance to get this straight without the need to get angry over the so called "support" again ?
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  • splicer05
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    lol why bother people didnt get them i feel bad for them while those who had loads of alts exploited the srewup only a few got the good stuff from the orbs which to me pisses people off because they got the orbs but not all of us got them seemsfair? nah wasnt even surprised when the login even got posponed
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    axeshuf wrote: »
    so do the days from 6/26 to now still count?
    So the login event was postponed a little bit. Unfortunately the real issue is that the news post went live before it really should have. The event never started in the first place so those of you wondering... No these days did not count. We're running final tests now however and it should be going live soon.

    I'd assume no based on the part I bolded in Dom's post, especially since the event didn't start until the 29th. So any days before that date probably didn't count.

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    I am sure the old players with tuns of characters are not gripping about this now lol
    that one way to keep old players happy
  • skylii
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    Got T1 rewards yesterday. Have anyone gotten T2 rewards on any toon, just wondering if it will take longer time today because they sending still T1 to some people?

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  • sedativex
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    Just cooling on my mount,waiting for my rewards. :smiley:
    And thanks for the orbs guys! :)


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  • viiix
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    Well, it seems like some lucky people received two sets of orbs (40 in total) on literally all their toons across all accounts. Lucky bums.

    Has anyone received the 5th day rewards yet?

    Edit: Well. I think they might have screwed up the tiers, and they sent out the 1st tier rewards again for 2nd tier. Maybe that's why people are getting it twice, idk.
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  • kenodeena
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    I was actually about to come post that I got T1 reward on my main and one of my alts. I haven't gotten T2 on my main. That was the first time I had logged into my alt since before the event started so I just assumed when I got it yesterday that it was just being sent to the character I was currently logged into.
  • stickman111
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    Hy,to start of i must say that for the last few years forsaken world service has been very very but very shty,to commence with this login event i will say this.As the information told us about the event how it would work and rewards and just on 1 account lv45 above on just 1 character of that account thats what was told us,and then we get the info that the event was postponed due to issues?i guess...but stil continuing now that the players start to get the 1st tier rewards i see that many of them get the first rewards on more then one character on the same account even on level bellow the requirments,i logged each day my main and my other accounts since the event was posted and i got no orbs on my main and just on my other accounts and NOT ALL (accounts) got them and on the ones that got was just on one character like it said on the event,today i loggin and i see ppl getting the second tier orbs plus the defense title(invincible sodium man) and just today i got the first tier reward on my main wich doesnt make any sence since its logged 1st and more often them my other characters.I also see other players getting the same reward twice on the same account 10 mints after what the hell....more and more this game is becoming less enjoyable because of this lame,slow,crapy service,if u cant handle a simple loggin event why do it to mess it up?i will also point it out that Domino months ago when he was playing with us he told me and more other players that the staff was trying to fix the bugs we have such us Amethyst Soul Crystals and the ID ring tranfer,he told me they were going to fix it soon that it was the main problems to fix,this was months ago we have this bugs now for 7 months if i say it right not action house is messed up once again with ur updates/patches.Start fixing the event rewards,send the right rewards to every player on the right day and fix the dam bugs.
  • papalarry79
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    I still have only gotten the T1 awards on one account and none on my other. Have logged in everyday since Monday. Good job you wonder why your player base keeps shrinking. Seriously why do you guys constantly **** these things up...smh
  • axeshuf
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    have they even started with tier 2 yet
  • charpwnoob
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    Em. I received the tier one rewards on my 4th day of logging in (on toons with which I had been logging in [lvl89 and 85]) by system mail. And I received the same rewards again on the 5th day of logging in :o (10 ichiban/10clockwork orbs).
  • viiix
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    Panda and New Year Glory orbs are being sent out. None of my toons have seen any, no matter if they got the tier 1 rewards or not. We'll see if this round is even worse than the previous one or not. :x
  • axeshuf
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    when are they starting them or have they started
  • slingerss
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    ok my highest character got the tier 1 orbs today. i guess after next login i will get tier 2 hopefully.
  • splicer05
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    seems still not everone has gotten the panda orb and the centaur orb -.- and people have been gloatign their alts got extras lol fail event always one sided
  • aslymph
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    Got my 2nd tier stuff just..only on highest lvl toon per account
  • kenodeena
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    Still no T2 stuff on my main character. I've logged in every day since the original posted start date (6/25).

    Edit: Got it after my check in with Henry.
  • vyadhosblack
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    kenodeena wrote: »
    Still no T2 stuff on my main character. I've logged in every day since the original posted start date (6/25).

    Edit: Got it after my check in with Henry.

    They are slow on sending them out. Do not do the check ins on my Alt account and they show up about 2000 server time. Main account gets them the next morning about an hour after i sign in. Check in everyday with the main account. Both accounts are logged into the same toon everyday.

  • arcupie
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    I have 2 accounts--both of which have a lvl 90 toon. Neither of those toons got orbs, but that forgotten lvl 10 toon that just never got deleted on one of accounts got orbs. Of course, that meant that I had to lvl her high enough to get her to a mailbox, but she had orbs :p
  • endless013
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    I'm getting such random orbs on 2 accounts I don't even know what's going on, today my main account has no orbs all char's, full account nothing and yesterday it was some some that I checked but not others that I also checked and the day before that was only on a sin I don't really "play" I just checked it on a whim because I did have it logged in once during the original event time, I log in every day and play the same chars so I know its not because I missed a day. My other account is just random on who gets what but even today it got some on the 3 chars that count, 2 the day before and 2 before that but only 1 of those 3 char's got it 3 days straight. This is super random or something.
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  • gvan
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    Yeah the sendout is strange. I started getting my missing orbs on my characters. But I've had characters lowest lv40 get orbs. No Tier 2 stuff for me yet :( Hopefully in future we will get stuff via code! As of right now there's no code planned to be sent out that I know of.
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  • viiix
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    I hope they'll do a data pull once they're back in office for the tier 2 stuff, like they did with tier 1. I've only gotten one set of panda orbs, across all accounts.
  • angelhereforyou
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    im feeling left out my characyers arent gettin any orbs and i know i have logged in everyday :-(
  • axeshuf
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    anyone get tier 3 yet?
  • ndldy
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    ok i usually dont post on forum's but im wondering am i gona be getting my orbs? i have logged each one of my character everyday and two of them are level 90

  • novaheals1
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    imo i think the event is going off UTC time not PDT time like domino said. I get orbs around 19:00 -23:00 server time by just logging in for 5-15 minutes on each account (which is UTC new day time). If i log in any time before 23:00-19:00 server time and wait 5-15 minutes i don't get anything in the mail. PDT new day is 3:00 am my time and i get nothing at that time until the original time UTC comes around which is 19:00-23:00, Just a theory. My Alt accounts are behind on 1 day even tho i logged in everyday at New day PDT time.

    EDIT- i just tested it and i got my orbs 5 minutes later on my 3 mains accounts.
    the only thing i think PWE messed up was limiting how many characters per account can get orbs.
    Feels like to me they had PDT and UTC time mixed up.
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