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Soul vs Precision?

ruwr23ruwr23 Posts: 68 Arc User
edited June 2015 in Marksman Discussion
Yo :) Soul seems great for PvP and pretty good at PvE as well, but I have no experience with precision whatsoever. Which do you think is best for PvP or PvE? Any inputs would be appreciated! Posting talent tree's would be great too :) heres mine http://fwcalc.com/dwarf-marksman/#W-CsCgUpsA33ZSjjSj22202TB66hHtuuJu-W-
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  • Shapelle - LionheartShapelle - Lionheart Posts: 250 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    IMO, Precision is about on par with Soul for PvP. Soul is tankier by a fair way, but Precision has more controls and debuffs.

    For PvE, it depends. For use against bosses (single target) Precision does the most DPS if you can rune up penetrating shot with Shrapnel and Swift Penetration, and can benefit from only needing to focus on earth mastery. Soul is slightly ahead of Burst for single target.

    For mass AoE PvE, burst all the way. Precision is better than soul here too, if only cos the main AoEs usuable by both soul and Precision are earth based, and Precision grants earth mastery bonuses, as well as the boosting base attack buffs.
  • ILikeBigGu - IllyfueILikeBigGu - Illyfue Posts: 1,066 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    I agree with shap, soul is better at some situations, precision better at [email protected] pvp. I'd say precision have a slight upper hand at team pvp though, since it's more of a teamplayer and gives more to your team than soul spec does. But i do believe soul is alot more fun and exciting to play, however that's a personal preference, for pve precision> soul at 9/10 scenarios.

    Soul is well, more egoistic compared to precision, imo. Kinda like waterbard is the ego spec for bards..
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  • Shapelle - LionheartShapelle - Lionheart Posts: 250 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    natsss wrote: »
    @shap for pve i think that atm burst > soul even for single target
    soul will give you more burst but less damage on a long run imo
    Yeah, it'll depend on how long the fight lasts for, and runes and stuff. If you start with a full soul bullet clip and the fight is over in under 2 minutes, then Soul should generally come out ahead.

    Soul offers those high dps spikes from rapid use of Burst Of Rage that Burst cannot touch for (single target) dps, but BoR drains the soul bullet clip FAST!. When the soul bullet clip is empty, BoR can't do anything (it's the only skill that actually needs soul bullets to even do any damage at all), and so BoR's dps advantage gets killed hard. If they modified BoR to still have its 6 attacks even without soul bullets, but nerf the dps it gives instead, then the situation may change.

    Maximising the Stray Bullet talent, and spamming Fire At Will to keep the soul bullets regenerating may help, but then you've got to keep both earth and fire mastery up high, as well as Wisdom rune energy to reduce the cast time of Fire At Will, in order to not lose too much dps from spamming it to keep your soul bullet clip up.

    It all depends on the builds, the runes, and the mastery levels. Soul, despite it looking it's all Fire Mastery based, is actually highly dependent upon a high earth mastery in order to make it work well in extended PvE fights.

    Precision is the only tree where every single useful skill you cast are all of only a single Mastery (Earth), and so isn't heavily reliant upon levelling both masteries to make it effective, and that too plays into any considerations given a restricted budget.

    As always, it all depends on just how "maxed" the character is, as to which is better.

    In terms of all-round compromise, as in 1-size fits most situations, and for the cheapest outlay, Precision is on top of the other two, but I agree with Bigguns, while Precision is mathematically the best all-round choice (if you had to pick one, and one only), Soul is more fun (egoistic) for PvP, and Burst is more fun (egoistic) for PvE. Precision is like the faithful docile Labrador dog that never really lets you down, but more fun can be had elsewhere. lol
  • Isock - EyrdaIsock - Eyrda Posts: 589 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    i might be biased being soul for the better part of 4 years now

    but i think depends more on playstile, precision is easier to use since have more stuns, hit harder and the buffs it keeps getting with the updates

    but soul lets you do more compared to precision, if you get in problems soul resolution last 15 secs and the cooldown is 30 on soul, so with a little luck and positioning you can keep being a pain to kill, and spare ammo is another extra shield, not to mention BoR pretty much gives you redhand, and since the iron skin nerf it hits hard again :D

    for pve precision wins because damage and buff to party, but soul is a decent damage dealer
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